I Want To Nominate This Song For "Worst Song Of All Time... Evar.&

You think that’s weird? An artist in the (tiny) city I live in became featured on youtube for a few days with a song about the city which sampled the track.

The video, which was featured on Youtube, is currently set to private (waiting for sample clearance)


In the meantime, a shitty quality rip of the song:


ha ha there is some real gold in this thread, was going to post the vlad video but I was too slow on the draw. The divine video is scary… but man what a great singing voice lol

I turned Gutterballs off after about 20-30mins (just as it got to the rape scene) the other day and I usually like horror. Admitedly it was a Sunday and I was more in the mood for a comedy but did seem so shit I also deleted it straight away (sorry, I mean threw the DVD away.)

Well, in that case:if you ever see her again on a reunion, advise her to never write such songs again… ever…

It’s seriously not that bad of a song… I actually kinda like it. It’s certainly not as boring as anything Coldplay’s written.


‘Deadsnow’…Mixture of evil dead and scandinavian roundneSs…and offcourse nazi zombies

I think this might be the worst…


I can’t help myself to keep adding this one to these kind of topics…(Almost rick-rolling but not yet):