I Want To Nominate This Song For "Worst Song Of All Time... Evar.&



I was going to repost the link to “In The Air Tonight” by Phil Collins but even that pales in comparison to this. These are epically bad lyrics.


That must be some sort of protection against parody.

Not my fault you wasted 5 minutes of your life watching a video marked “worst song ever”, then agreed with the sentiment.

Damn byte… I always thought this was the worst video all time but you showed me wrong :panic:

@byte smasher ,well i’ve heard worse …but indeed the lyrics are terribly bad
Wanna see something really good ?

wooow that david hasselhof clip …some delicious blue screen effects

Worst song of all time? Not by a long shot. That chorus was way catchy when the song hit the stations. The drums, well… it’s the 90s, basic stuff for that era. The worst type of music for me is usually very bland and awfully mediocre.

And whoever is mocking Jan Terri… shame on you. She’s awesome! Come on, Get Down Goblin!


I was afraid to hear one of my songs when I opened up this topic… luckily I didn’t.

But that song ain’t so bad. In the nostalgic point of view this song was, back in the days, the first mp3 I… ahem… acquired from the intarnet… evar. :ph34r:

You think that’s bad, you should see the movie Divine was in entitled “Pink Flamingos”… I couldn’t watch past the “having sex with a live chicken” scene in which the actor actually simulated sex with a live chicken, killing it in the process. Apparently I missed the famous “eating shit” scene at the end in which Divine pulled a 2-girls-one-cup scene without the other girl… unlike 2-girls-one-cup though, he actually used shit.

In 1998, her single “Life” became a hit in Europe. In 1999, she won a BRIT Award for the British Female Solo Artist category
1998, “Life”, #8 UK, #8 AUS, #1 SPA, #1 ITA. Note: “Life” remained in the UK top 40 for 11 weeks, and was a number one seller…
That’s it…
i quit

The manual

You fuckin what?? SMACKDOWN

In The Air Tonight is epic.

^^^ This.

(hahaha got beaten to it! :lol: )

Well, i don’t know if i should classify this under the tag “terrible”, “Annoying” or “Boring”


I spare you “Chasing pavements” since the above is already causing too much suffering of boredom…

Well, this one here actually IS parody… but maybe better than all of the above… ;)


she’s my ex-classmate ! wierd seeing her even here… :o