I Want To Sync Animation Software To Renoise

I’ve got this idea. I want to be able to control animation software from renoise midi output. Does anybody know which animation software can take midi commands? For example I’d be using Midi Yoke to send the information to the said program and say display an image of a chord for 4 bars. Then when another midi command hits I will display an image of another chord.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

do you mean software for making animations, or any kind of so-called ‘VJ-software’? in the latter case i think loads of them receive MIDI/OSC, the ones i know for pretty sure are Resolume, vvvv and Max/Jitter. if you mean software for making animations, i think there would need to have a been a like-minded person that programmed that kinda software, as it is certainly an uncommon feature. animation-software is often simply drawing-software which allows for multiple frames. i don’t think anyone has thought of using MIDI-input with that, but of course i could be wrong (i’m not familiar with that many pieces of animation-software).

if it indeed proves impossible to do this through animation-software, don’t hesitate to take a look at the VJ-software i mentioned. those apps are pretty versatile and might very well be used to make animations if you’re creative enough (or maybe they have a built-in option). the good thing about these pieces is that they’re VJ-software, so they are made with musical accompaniment in mind, hence the MIDI/OSC-support.

hope that helps.

Yes, Houdini does. http://www.sidefx.com/

I also saw a module or plugin once that took an audio signal to control deformations in Softimage XSI, but I don’t know the details, or if it was just using pre-loaded audio in the Animation Mixer.

Also a quick Google for Maya Midi hints that there may be possibilities there too. http://www.parismav.com/tech/miditools/

ah, we may need to talk semantics here. sage’s suggestion is for something i’d call ‘VJ-software’. what i’d call ‘animation software’ would be something like Toonz.

Houdini looks really good. as i said before, i believe Resolume, vvvv and Max/Jitter are able to achieve the same or similar.
edit: check out Create Digital Motion for stuff like this (if you hadn’t already)

3dD max also accepts midi commands

NOT in real-time. that vimeo clip was rendered, rendering from Houdini is not a real-time process by any stretch…
and yes there are animation programs and plugins that allow you to use midi controllers but that more or less just allows you to adjust parameters using a control surface… you’d still need to render your output and I don’t think that’s what localloser is looking for…

I think the original poster needs to clarify exactly what he/she is going for… as there are bazillions of options to do something similar to what he’s talking about -

yourlocalloser -
are you looking to do this all realtime, like for a live performance or art show or something? you could use PD, or max/jitter for that… visual quality will never be as good as something that’s put together in post effects (like the houdini clip) however. … which instead of using midi would use an audio file (or group of files) to drive visual elements. You’d have to then render your project to a sequence of images or video file etc.

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