Renoise & After Effects - Videos

I’m becoming more interested in combining audio & visuals together, so I’m learning After Effects and creating a series of videos as I progress. They’re not full tutorials like I’ve done for Renoise in the past, since you’ll need a working knowledge of both programs to completely follow this, but hopefully most people will still find something interesting.


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The AE “audio keytracker” looks fantastic.
I’ve always asked myself how I could promote my (future) renoise hits on youtube through cool videoclip effects perfectly synced to music.
I’m going to install the last AE demo and test it.

thanks, now i finally know what AfterEffects is good for.
Gotta try this sometime!

Rotating different images with stereo audio. Then using 3D to create movement, light, shadow and depth of field.

Excellent work :)

Thank you very much! Very good tutorials!

Using the Key Tracker device in Renoise to circumvent the limitation of extracting only volume data with the Keyframe Assistant in After Effects.

Interesting thread!
I prefer just using soundkeys in AE on the rendered audio and calling it a day, but what you’ve posted has endless possibilities :)
I did this simple little clip a few years back in AE just to demonstrate what can be done for an animation client I had a few years back, nothing special, just three solids masked with circles with various attributes all event driven from the frequency changes of the audio track… a lot less time consuming if you know what you’re doing.

I thought you might like this, its a modular video synthesizer:

Using keytracking and the volume slicer to move playback of a video in time with music.

Thanks for posting these tutorials! After Effects turns out to be exactly what I’ve been looking for for the past few months. Now to learn how to use it…

A short explanation regarding the importance of matching audio frequencies between Renoise and After Effects.

Using multiband send devices on a single audio track to control various aspects of a particle effect.


very nice tutorials.

One question:

Which program you use to record your desktop that smooth ? I tried several Tools but i’ve never managed them to look like this.

I use Camtasia Studio for recording the video and zooming/panning around. In future I’ll also use After Effects itself to spruce it up a bit.

Use Renoise to control the screen capture software! :panic:

mind = blown
Next I’ll use it to control my voice-box. Renoise: taking Scottish jobs since 2011. ^_^

Man since i finally fully understood the first video.


Hoping for more tutorials :dribble: