I Want Your Stutter Effect Tricks

well as the topic says,if you got any post them :D

very fast stutters get a sort of sound which is cross between a ringmod sound and a bitcrush. I’ll post up some crazy sounds in a moment.

Ok how about stutter on drums followed by signal follower controlling something - thinking filter -
or vice versa- signal follower => stutter speed => signal follower

I haven’t even tried the beta yet but lets get thinkative here!

will check it out later today

this works really good actually

I can’t seem to figure the Stutter effect out. It doesn’t behave like I expect. What does Skew do, exactly?

Been messing with the stutter a lot, so far it’s my favorite new thing in Renoise! My current trick was with a slap bass, made it sound nice and glitchy. spam (bass comes in at 02:17) Sorry no xrns at this hour :( Got the stutter going with the breaks as well, making very subtle glitchy ghost notes.

nice track

The stutter effect is cool, but I’ll use it if I want a sort of random glitchy sound…it doesn’t seem to sync to the beat like you can with dfx bufferoveride ( http://www.kvraudio.com/get/657.html ). Or maybe I’m using it wrong.

read the second post here. https://forum.renoise.com/t/how-is-the-stutter-effect-timed/26762

my tiny nano- gripe about it is the static buffer. (hence its more like a 0EXX- command- effect device :) )

Yeah, so far it doesn’t seem to get me anything that the 0exx effect didn’t get me already… :unsure:

I was hoping I could use an LFO with it to get smooth changes in delay length but that doesn’t seem to be possible.

i dont even use it with other effects its just to fun on its own :yeah:

just noticed that the skew has a impact on the volume of thestutter effect???

EDIT:apparantly not anyways

It seems like a less accurate buffer override to me

this is really a stutter tip alone,but got a quite good(i think)stuttery effect chain out of these

filter highpass,experiment with resonance