How Is The Stutter Effect Timed?

How is the stutter effect timed? It doesn’t seem to start with the beginning of the track on playback.

it is much like a delay and so it will take a little bit before you can hear the first result. it uses a fixed buffer size length, and 3 repeats or 16 repeats will occur in the same length. by altering the skew parameter you are changing the cycle loop of this fixed buffer size length. hard to explain, funny to tweak…

I’m just used to the retrigger in dblue’s glitch, which is sync’d to the beat… this one seems kinda counterintuitive

beat sync like in the delay?? just gets more detailed… not sure if that would be possible because of how renoise doesn’t allow zooming in… so the limit would be the LPB… or am i wrong?

It’s already timed via LPB … syncing it would just time it to start with the playback

It’s kind of random at the moment…
When working on a song where you automate the stutter a lot it should be synced. Otherwise there will be no point to even automate it because it will play different every time…
Hmm the same randomness thing that I really dislike about the phaser and chorus. That’s why I rarely use them (only when it isn’t important for me how they are running, but in most of the cases it is). btw do I get it right that phaser and chorus are following some kind of LFO or is it some other concept?

would it be possible to make the buffersize a variable for user control?