I was bored...

So I made a python based swearing robot on twitter.

I don’t mind saying, it’s come up with some real horrors so far.


:lol: sounds like some real guy…

PS. This could go viral, and then you ghost produce some EDM songs for SwearyRobot, headlining festivals, BOOM! #swearyrobotislove

Lol, just throw some random @ words in there and boost productivity, and you’ll soon have lots of ummm…very nice friends, out of their temper…

I fully endorse this endeavor.

It also tweets random followers with insults when it decides to. It seems to have mostly singled out one of my mates so far.

And it will occasionally choose a random top hashtag and comment. Sometimes also looking like a real person. Most of the time it acts like a homeless crazy person though.

I was reading through some of the response strings:

No more fanny in the salad bowl.

Most excellent! Had a fine laugh over that one this morning.


Where can I buy one in time for Christmas?!

Stuck the code on GitHub… obviously with the API credentials abstracted out.

I should comment it and put more stupid phrases in there. Maybe I’ll get round to it today.


This is ace

I like your choice of swear-words too.

I can’t help but keep expanding this thing… It now grabs celebrity names from a hollywood RSS, grabs dvds and games from amazon and grabs random shit from the daily mail.

Oh noes, LOL, I think I just accidentially insulted a person named @Sweary. (Deleted the tweet, but you never know)

Edit: Just checked the profile, seems to be a nice and friendly lady… Oh boy. But her last activity was in March, so there is hope she didn’t see it.

Just sent our friend some suitable New Year’s greetings (double checking I won’t send some outrageous rudeness to that lady again LOL).

All I got was a pretty lame “No , you hole motherfucker, that’s YOU!” Is SwearyRobot getting mild?! :wink:

Anyways, this is so much fun, happy New Year to you, Keef!

I think I’ve put too much stuff in and sometimes it chooses a load of descriptives. I’ll continue to work on it.

Happy new year to you too!