I will rock this planet!

djnick deetronic - it’s coming - teaser 1 (2012)

Let me know what do you think :)

Nice work! How long did the video take to create?

Thanks :)

Well in short - it took me a couple of days to travel by bike interesting places and record up to 1 minute of environment.
Then I start building scenes and tracking… and it start taking around a month. But then I jumped into the multimedia work [music, sfx, interfaces, design, other videos] for clients… and these files are still around on my hard disk for now almost 3 years [!]

I think it was pity to stay there so it took me 2 days to make a quick and short trailer :)

Song is 90% done [with my voice singing] and I plan to release it soon… but every day I got new client :( so I suppose finishing video will take more than I expected.

In rough I think it could be all done in 2 or 3 months at all.

Very nice work!

Quite a pity about the interlacing, though. Hopefully you can upgrade to a progressive cam soon and continue doing more awesome stuff like this :)

Exactly. I was very sad when noticed that this cam scored 93% [3 years ago] and does not have: progressive mode and does not have possibility to connect external microphone so I can record some tv shows or so. And it costed me 750 euros :(

Great video! Rocking composition too. Interesting to hear the whole song!

It would be nice to have a video for a composition. But I’d rather concentrate on my music since my time is limited too. I wonder, if there are any good tools that would more or less “generate” some kind of music video for a song? (smarter than windows movie maker). Or are there producers that could just make a video for my composition online with affordable price?

Well if you don`t want to bother with animating and so - try searching “free animation loops” on google or Youtube, and download some of them OR use Fraps and capture full screen audio plugin from WinAMP or AImp :) Simple but effective. Then import video files / captures to your program’s time line and render output. This is the easiest way [I suppose].