I wish I would have discovered this a long time ago


Being able to add more sections for notes so you can use the same track with its FX for one instrument. Holy shit I’ve been doing this the hard way for over ten years adding more tracks and matching the FX in each one!


I tend to make my life a tad bit more difficult by not reading the manual as well as I should also. :grinning: It’s always nice to add fluidity to my workflow :grin:


Same. I’m not much of an RTFM person but sometimes it just makes sense to put in the effort.

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Well I’ve been using Renoise forever but I never noticed when this feature was added :smiley: I just hope anyone else that never noticed might stumble across this thread someday

I discovered this by fumbling around with live recording into the tracker :smiley:

It adds the extra note columns automatically.

Sorry for all those wasted years. Here’s to a better tomorrow :beers:

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I’d recommend going through the Beginners Tutorial series of videos, since even if you’re pretty experienced they guide you through a bunch of essential stuff you may have missed (this topic is shown here in Part 5):


Not a bad idea, it hurts my ego but I’ll check it out :open_mouth: