I would like to hear your music made with only Renoise without any plugins

Ok, here we go. We already have another thread regarding Renoise music, but in this thread only music should be posted which was done entirely in Renoise. Softsynths are not allowed, except they are sampled in Renoise. VSTs like compressors or EQs are not allowed as well, i. e. no plugins.

If possible feel free to post your xrns files, so people can learn something.


Dope :fire:

Glad you got this rolling. I’ll be posting :upside_down_face:


I dont like the sample limit,Renoise allows vsts so why not?

I like the idea to be able to open a track in some years without taking care of any Plugins that might not be available anymore, etc. + you might be more creative making a sound from a sample compared to browsing through a list of presets.


Ok but the thread should be about music made with Renoise, after all the title indicates that very thing music sequenced using only Renoise .If you insist with the limitation of not using vsts then you should change the title.Something in the lines of-I would like to hear your sampled based music made only with Renoise-.

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Changed it. No plugins at all allowed.


Sweet but now i must go digging to find tracks that have no vsts as i dont remember which of them have and which dont.Damn you lilith as i dont have enough on my hands right now :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


There is no competition in this forum except maybe the MBCR


No competition, just an addition.

Are you planning on releasing any of your music in this thread because i dont believe i ve heard anything from you except one time you posted a loop of some sort?

Maybe new tracks I’m starting, yes. I can also modify old ones.

I was just curious and wanted to ask you if you make music or are you a mixing engineer cause you always give mixing tips to everybody?

Then post music you mixed so we can hear it and lets not continue this talk,it’s lilith’s thread we hijacked it enough.Sorry lilith

All is fine. Discussion is also welcome.


Ok, no VSTs allowed, only samples, and of course Renoise only. I probably cannot post very often in this thread because usually I don’t use samples, VSTs only, but I can post a couple of my very early Renoise works. Renoise, no VSTs, only samples and the songs are not even mastered.
Here’s a song made in July 2011:


dope, bumpin’ little tune :man_dancing:

Thanks! Yes, at that time I still was creating some Techno stuff. I checked my old Renoise tracks and it seems that I can’t post as much tracks as I thought. There are only 2 songs without VSTs, and these songs are my very first finished Renoise songs. “Getting Tired” is my second finished Renoise song. My very first finished Renoise song was made one day earlier than the second one and sounds like this:

No VSTs, only samples, and the samples aren’t even HQ. No mastering, no parallel processing, even no proper mixing. At that time I haven’t even used compressors, filters, limiters or similar things. The mixer view never was that empty again. I was composing just for fun without any intentions, there wasn’t even the intention to show these songs to other people.

So that’s it. That’s all I can contribute to this thread. It’s unlikely that I will do any more songs without any VSTs in future. I’m using VSTs for 11 years now, VSTs are the reason why I switched from SkaleTracker to Renoise. But probably this thread was created by @lilith only to grab some xrns and learn from master “native sound design” @slujr. :wink:


you’re too kind. still learning every damn day :upside_down_face:

and another nice track! very funky. You should make some more techno sometime @TNT. good shit mang

pretty much every track I’ve ever posted on this forum is all sample-based, all renoise… but I’ll post more here in this thread as they come good

Found one!!!


I like both tracks. Very minimalistic and consistent.