I would like to hear your music made with Renoise or other Daws

And I played with Milkytracker yesterday :smiley: … But that’s too oldschool for me.

Yes oldschool…but could be a little bit funny to share our first musical compositions…and why not ,also our first GFXs


ooh, I’ll bite. Not my first song, but verrry early. I think the very first electronic song i made was an attempt at gabber that failed horribly, lol. This track is the first track off of my first self-release… released on fukkin cassette tape in 1996 while I was still in highschool…
realized on a yamaha SY85 workstation synth. I have albums and albums of this early stuff, lol.
good for shits and giggles, at least


Gool work man .Those were the times

I think you might have tracks from that era that would stand even today if you redo them properly

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First Track I ever finished was made with Renoise:

Sounds muffled a bit :slight_smile:


This is a masterpiece if you put it beside what i first made with Renoise.

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I remember you said this some years ago :slight_smile:


this week’s weeklybeats. more psydubz… this one came through in a dream and is a (very) loose reinterpretation of the song “15 birds in five fir trees” from the 1977 rankin bass animated version of the hobbit. All renoise sound design and synthesis, of course :upside_down_face:

original for comparison


Renoisers are really connected …I was listenning to a music with wolf sounds when you post that


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I’m interested in music entirely made with Renoise tools, so sound design is done in Renoise without using plugins. Samples are allowed and VSTs like reverb, compressors, etc. but no external software synths. Is there any interest in having a separate thread?

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Could be a a long project…

4 months deadline…

Portable Free VSTs can be shared…

Not completely open source…(sorry😬) because of track rendering with specific VST intall

What type of music?

I meant posting tracks like in this thread, but only tracks allowed where sound generation comes from Renoise.
All kinds of music. Maybe makes no sense to have two threads …

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OK…in effect …not understood😅

Maybe “I would like to hear your music made with Renoise or other Daws (Precise it)”

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the kick / tempo matching is rockin

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dude, yeah. start it!

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Made a couple days ago using Renoise

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