I would like to hear your music made with Renoise or other Daws

Love it! Sounds like Newwave to me, now add singing, in Depeche Mode style :slight_smile:

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Hey, thanks! Glad if you enjoy it. Thinking to work up a live set of this style/tempo, so I imagine there will be more darkprog forthcoming… dark groovy psy stuff that’s easy to dance to… @BriocheBaps, have any artists or label recommendations to listen to as far as prog goes?

I actually tried making some vocals for it, but i don’t think my voice fits in and i also struggle writing lyrics. Maybe i’ll revisit it one day.

I always enjoy the stuff on Bedrock, runs from heavily techno to trancier stuff. Your track was very good indeed.

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thanks again! :pray: I’ll check out bedrock for sure

tzms_Sxx.xrns (2.6 MB)



I’ve been doing a lot of remixes on the metapop website, all in renoise:


Nice to have someone here who’s based in my former american hometown. Fly, Eagles, Fly! :slightly_smiling_face:

I never heard of it. It seems to be something like Soundcloud, but with a much worse overview. Am I right?

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Hm, Native Instruments… Not my cup of tea…

@corb & @uncle_c

loving both of these. great work fellas! :fire:

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it is like a competition community i think. They post sample packs to use in remixes and give deadlines. There are prizes, usually NI stuff. I found the deadlines good for keeping me working and the remix challenges to be fun enough

To me it sounds like the competitions are an addition.
According to the following text from their website it’s like Soundcloud or similar:

Metapop is an online platform for music makers to connect, give and receive feedback on tracks and collaborate on songs.

As you have probably seen, we run a lot of challenges and there are loads of great prizes. But the one thing which makes metapop special is the community. When you upload a track, you’ll probably get some positive reaction or even constructive comments on how to improve. That feedback is something we really encourage, because helping other people improve can be a good way to improve oneself. And our main aim is to help music makers of all levels and types to improve their sound. So the most important thing is that we all learn from each other and improve our craft, and if you win some prizes too, that’s a bonus.

So if there are songs which are no remixes, Metapop isn’t a remix community.
I will have a closer look if I manage to muddle through their website maze.

But one thing is for sure: Their community is not special!
There is no place in the entire universe where you can post your sound without getting any feedback, whether positive or not. You will always get feedback, whether worship or critics. Just check this thread for instance…

Shows how much I’ve looked into. I exclusively do the remixes and I don’t really have an interest in the metapop community. Although I think I did encourage a guy to check out renoise

Little experiment using waveforms exported from a gameboy emulator


Rising attack,direct attack+slow sustain

that’s good grit

This is how it slides.
This is what it takes to stay alive.
I fall into you, we’re now enemies.
And that is suicide.

Our canopy. Your hand in my hand
as our sanity dissolves.

That’s good grit. That’s good grit.

That is good rainfall.
And I’m prepared to take it all.
I am all you need, all you hate
as I still dream of alcohol.

This cannot be.
I’m undeserving of all that you gave away.
Come back to me.
Beat me and break me as my sanity decays.

unintelligible freestyling, something about trying to find a way to celebrate the day you came to me, or something


Yes man this is ROCK N ROLL!!!One of the best tracks posted around here congrats.

bangin :triumph:

I’m no Dave Gahan, but i tried my best. Recording and mixing vocals is not so easy. :woozy_face:


The vocals fit perfectly with the song but you got to mix them better because its a killer track!!!


Great song, but the mix, which is completely flat and sounds like a kitchen radio, sucks.

You don’t need to be Dave Gahan to deliver something decent. This is by far your best work imho. Yes, the mix could be improved, but it’s not bad. First of all I would increase the loudness of the lower pitch singing, right now it’s hard to understand. And additionally I would increase the higher frequencies a little bit to gain more clearness, but at the same time I would also use a de-esser to limit the sibilants.