I would like to hear your music made with Renoise or other Daws

Oops! Here it is, it’s called Breakneck: Emergence:




Great I will give it a shot.


Was a while ago since i finished a song in Renoise.


Crap! I am almost ashamed of songs I have posted in the past while hearing this perfect toon ,in all aspects!!!


Well, this song is not native Renoise Effects only, there are tons of VST and VSTi in it that have good sound-quality by default, and lot’s of mastering to make it sound just right (which is hard, ear-fatigue happens fast).
Sometimes it takes me a week, or a month, or sometimes i have a inspirational mindblock and it’s just another XRNS file that will never be finished :slight_smile:

When i see some of the demoscene guys creating better songs with no VST (all those tricks with patterncodes), or some songs from other DAWS, i’m blown away too.


Patterncodes and how to use them is my dream too,but found nowone to teach me.:frowning:

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Maybe this might help you a bit. There is also a little FX button in the pattern editor at the bottom that gives an overview of all the effects (like a cheat sheet summary), i find that very useful.



Here is a synthwave song which I am working on currently:


Very nice.

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Am slowly learning to Renoise myself!

Here is a recent track I made: https://soundcloud.com/thedamnchicken/something-breathtaking

It’s messy, but can’t win them all. The new update brings streching, so I’ll definitely try that out next! :stuck_out_tongue:

@joule Goddamn that’s amazing…

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Thank you, Chicken! It’s milkytracker, but I’m getting more into chiptunes again and will hopefully upload some Renoise fakechip in the forseable future. Tracking chiptunes in Renoise 3.2 is a real pleasure, with phrases and the new curves! So fresh :slight_smile:


Nice track and the profile picture in you SoundCloud page is killing me :grin:

Great track !

Here are some of the most successful tracks I’ve made with Renoise through the years… these are all remixes i’ve done for other artists so the vocals are not mine, but the music and arrangements are built from scratch (mostly):

Looking forward to check out all the other stuff in this thread!


In three days (September 2) my album, made with Renoise 3.1, will be released. The physical release will be sold by Kunaki, and it’ll also be all over the spotifies and deezers for anyone who wants to listen on a streaming service.

This looks like the perfect thread to leak my own album lel https://archive.org/details/kunakibin.singing_gulls


I have opened Pandora’s Box creating this thread.Where have you people been hiding?Give me more music!!!

Made in Renoise.

Was for a competition and I entered the comp with only 2 days remaining. Finished in 5 hours.

Rough mix and I’m currently retweaking in Renoise 3.2


And of course if you want to hear a bunch of tracks made with Renoise and from various artists that are also users of this forum, you have all the Mutant Breaks archives on Renoise soundcloud playlists page:


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Okay okay, I’ve also hidden tracks! :yum:

Made in Renoise (these tracks was made years ago despite uploaded recently on Souncloud):

These musics are from a rather succesful musical project I’ve made in new-age music. Quite in stand-by since 2016, but I plan to release a new album physicaly next year.