I would like to hear your music made with Renoise or other Daws

Just edited my track from a few weeks ago.


@EETTEE I like Memory Spell quite a bit. The trippy, hallucinogenic vibe of it is bewildering. Could use some more development, but has something that I like.

@N_Ever that has a great production. I can hear VNV Nation in it as well that martblek mentioned. Just their overall vibe from around the turn of the century. Furture Perfect is the last of their albums I’m familiar with. Anyway, good stuff, well done.Get someone with an Irish accent to sing and your full on victory, not vengeance. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@YardTosho Your Teslacore and A Crust Punk-typ tracks don’t play for me. I’m digging the track you’ve posted today. It reminds me a bit of the French black metal sound of the 90s. It’s raw and chaotic. I think it could use a little bit more tightening up / development. Mostly in terms of structure. It has a bit of start / stop vibe that doesn’t work for me. But other than that I really quite like it!

Oh track #3 on your mini album is awesome,too. Track #4 is not really my thing but 5, 6 & 7 hit the spot for me. Good stuff!

Anyway, I hope you’ll take good care of yourself.

@TheBellows That’s a sweet little track. I like the subtle crackling that is in there. Almost like the way a fire can crackle. There is the main, low-ish sound with the pitch decay. That one doesn’t really work for me. Might be because I feel it is a tad loud in the mix. But other than that it has a quintiessential TheBellows sound. Nicely done!

@Kaao Man, that opening is heavy! I like it but with the visual of little boat disappearing over the horizon. Quite depressing, really. The acid that follows is quite a change of pace. And not too interesting to me. But what follows is really nice again. It’s a strange tune but I do like it. Neat stuff!

@Jonas That’s a cool track! I dig the hard hitting, aggressive sound of it. It feels very old skool but ain’t nothing wrong with that. Well done and good luck with the weekly challenge. Looking forward to seeing you tunes appear here.

@slujr The master & commander of native Renoise sound generation returns. I really dig the dark vibe of this one. Could be I’m imagining it, but this track feels a bit more focused than some of your other tracks. A bit more restraint. I think that’s a good thing. Anyway, as always, impressive sound / production. Very well done and good luck with the weekly challenge!

@Cursed That’s a dramatic sounding piece. That’s nothing new for you, of course. I think I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating. I feel it’s time for you to find a band. Record this stuff with actual musicians playing your music with their instruments, live. And find someone who can do vocals and you’ll have something people will dig. You’re ready for that next, big step.

@Marc_Shake Oh, I remember this track. It has nicely matured. To me sounds very video game-y. With hint of Austery Wintory in it. Nicely done.


Like Djeroek & Mr. Zensphere I’m also gonna finish a track a week this year. Here is my first one entitled abandoned space station. Weird metallic banging coming from the Behringer Edge that’s being sequenced via the Korg SQ-64. Making some odd time signature rhythms. Also featuring the Elektron Analog Rythm MKII.


That sounds fucked up. Is your family caught up in a weird cult or something?
I hope you can get away from this isolated island soon.

Thanks for your kind words. :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

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I cannot listen and comment on everything, but here are a few picks:

There are heavy “Planet Jazz” vibes, your sound design and the composition is pretty similar. I also like it the way it is, but if you’d put a heavy beat on this you’d get a banger. Anyway, nice one! :+1:

Nice, it’s always impressive to see someone creating proper guitar stuff in Renoise. The question is: Real guitar or VST? And you’ve implemented some nostalgic stuff at 2:28… :slightly_smiling_face:

We don’t have snow here these days. But it has become fucking cold. Anyway, on one hand I think you’ve catched the “vibe” that snow creates, on the other hand it’s a typical TheBellows composition, which means there’s no consistency and proper structure, instead there are variations and beat changes. I think this song doesn’t need the last section when the drum beat plays.

Obviously you’re having troubles in life, so it’s good to be creative. It’s not meant to be rude, but to be brutally honest, it sounds like it’s your first try ever creating music. There are songs consisting of 100% noise, there’s a “song” consisting of 3 drum instruments that sound like you just have started to create a simple beat, and there’s weird stuff which is basically noise, too. Track 6 is the only one I would consider as kind of “music”.

Believe it or not, but in this moment I like it more than Entities. :upside_down_face:
It has a more powerful vibe not only because it’s faster. And again I especially like the hihats. I don’t know, but you’re good in creating proper hihats. I also like the sound of the snare. And the bass fits quite well, too. I just think the track needs some kind of small buildup and small outro.

One track each week, so 53 tracks in total this year? You just have said it elsewhere, quality is more important than quantity. Just keep that in mind. I like your track, which again has a 90s vibe. The buildup and the instrumentation is quite good and it gets better and better until 2 minutes. It falls off when the beat starts to get uneven in the third minute, which is the starting point for your “outro” (or let’s say “build down”) at the same time. And I think a 2 minute “outro” is way too long for a track that is 4 minutes long. Btw, I like all the blinking lights of your gear shown in your video, but all the cables would drive me crazy. Are you also still creating music in Renoise, or is your hardware your only way to go in the meantime?


Oh, thank you very much!
Yes that Dominator sample was a must :grinning:

All the guitars are done with a vst’s. From various Kontakt libraries (Shreddage Stratus free is one of my favorites) and Ample Sound Metal Hellrazer vst.
Programming those guitars is a real pain, as I am not a guitarist, I don’t know if am I doing it right or wrong :joy:


tnx, these words are great motivation… :slight_smile:

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Thanks @tnt! I will definitely try to make quality over quantity. My jamming skills need refining still*. Hence why I’m doing the weekly challenge. So currently I’m not doing full tracks in Renoise, no. Everything starts out there though. I do have a gazillion nearly finished Renoise tracks that I need drag over the line.

There are two main reasons why I’m using Renoise a bit less at the moment. First one, I want to break free from looking at the screen the whole time. Cause it’s screen time all day, every day for me.

*You’re right that the 2 minute outro is too long for the 4 minute track. It felt good in the moment. But doesn’t hold up. So I need to learn to make a better assessment in how long to let those sections go. Yet I don’t want to fall in my Renoise behavior of setting up a fixed number of bars. Which is the other main reason why I am hardware focused at the moment. It’s a lot more free form in terms of structure. But I need to do better at it.

As always, your feedback is much appreciated.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Like @EETTEE said already, noise music is legit. I have quite a few noise CDs & LPs in my collection. I don’t listen to it as often anymore but I still appreciate it.

Nice. I love hardware-sequencing/producing so much. This sounds like a fever dream and I mean that in a positive way. I could imagine myself working (coding) to this.

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That’s a contradiction in terms. :wink:
There is noise and there is music, but there is no noise that is music. Noise is noise and music is music. You can make noisy music, you can implement noise in music and you can even say a specific noisy sound that has a kind of rhythm is a kind of “music”. But you can’t say generally noise is music. Go to a construction site, what you will hear is noise and not music. You couldn’t even call it Ambient. Maybe if there’s a specific “composition of noises”, but not any random noise. Noise is sound, and only if you compose these noises it can be turned into a very special kind of “music”.


Same here. I think you did a good job on the guitars. And yes indeed, it’s a real pain using these guitar VSTs. Composing similar like a piano roll isn’t great. I’m also using Ample Sound Vintage Cherry, or let’s say I’m trying to use it… :slightly_smiling_face:


Wikipedia begs to differ. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
(but let’s make separate thread if you want to discuss this further)

@Marc_Shake I’m very happy to hear that! Now you mention it, It does have a bit of a fever dream vibe indeed. Some else also talked about coding to some of my music. I’ll set up a bandcamp page where people can download it, if they feel so inclined.

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There is a rich and deep history of noise music, which is a widely accepted musicological term :wink:

The wikipedia article @eretsua linked above is a good dive :slight_smile:

I mean, it’s even called re-NOISE

full disclosure, I played in a couple of noise bands in my teens, and am therefore biased :metal::grin:

Thank you! That’s encouraging to hear in terms of the hihats, because I always feel like I’m just winging it with them. I tend to synthesize my own from white noise and apply a little randomness to pitch and amplitude, and sometimes panning as well. One thing I’ve found helpful with hihats lately is to offset the track timing by a few milliseconds, so that the hihat transients are driving the beat a little. usually on the order of -4 to -6 ms. It’s a decent technique for snappier hats that feel more energetic.


You won’t believe how many times I was like why the hell I didn’t learn to play guitar when I tried to use those guitar plugins… That might turn out to be an easier thing to do after all. I didn’t understand those plugins’ internal sequencers, so everything was done on the Renoise sequencer. However, I know you can achieve more real-sounding riffs when using those plugins’ internal sequencers. I did watch so many videos on that topic on YouTube…

My first song idea for that video was to make a rock/metal version of Human Resources Dominator. I’ve always liked the Beltram version. I did that Alpha Juno Hoover riff with a guitar sound, and the result was like a Limp Bizkits Take a look around (Mission Impossible theme)… Well, kind of… So that didn’t work out well… Though I’m a huge Limp Bizkit fan. Those Wes Borlands riffs are so amazing.

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I have to try this. If I’m not happy with the “punch” I tend to use a transient shaper or I just simply cut the beginning of the sample, of course in a way that no dirty click appears when playing. But usually it’s not necessary in terms of hhats. Anyway, your hihats are always pretty decent, at least as far as I experienced it. Btw, I’ve recently listened to your song again, I think the snare needs to be a little louder. When listening through speakers, the snare kinda “disappears” in the mix.

Yes, I know exactly what you’re talking about. When I first dealt with it and all those chord notes appeared in the selection of the internal sequencers (both Riffer and Strummer), I just thought WTF. Nevertheless I want to get a realistic guitar sound, so I force myself to use the internal sequencer called Riffer when it comes to melodies. Even though I think you can’t do everything you can do in reality. What I miss is “vibrato” (or however you call it in terms of guitar sound) and “effects” like at 0:24 in this track. (when the guitar starts to play). Without these things you cannot produce a decent realistic sounding guitar sound. That’s one reason why I’m struggling to finish my first track in which I’m using a proper guitar. The other reason is the way you have to compose within the internal sequencers, especially within the Riffer. As I said, it’s similar like a piano roll… But no big deal, I see the guitar as a little extra to the electronic sound I’m usually producing. I just want to be able to also produce a decent Synthwave sound that also includes a guitar, that’s the only reason why I’ve bought the VST. But I also would like to have a more “brutal” sound in terms of the guitar. Just like Type O Negative or similar. But it seems the guitar wasn’t made for that sound. Even the lowest note is still too high to achieve that sound.

I prefer the Rammstein riffs, but I also do appreciate Nookie by Limp Bizkit, even though I’m not a big fan. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, as far as I can read that article also says it’s an arrangement of noises. Just like I said. And if we’re talking about “MUSIC”, there has to be an arrangement. Sounds that aren’t arranged is not music. If you rely on Wikipedia, here is the Wikipedia definition of music. :wink:


Yeah, probably so. Darkpsy does tend to “bury the snare” for some reason, probably for a touch more of a minimal vibe, although most darkpsy is far from minimalist in approach. I think it also helps with taming transients on the master channel since there’s kick and bass summing (already) on beat 2 where the snare lives


On those Kontakt guitar libraries, there are key switches and you can get all kinds of realistic slides and harmonic pinches, etc.
One trick that I’ve used on Kontakt with guitars is tuning it -12 down. It sometimes works very well to get those very low riffs. I think it’s not possible to do it on Ample guitars tho. And then take just a dry signal (or DI) from the Guitar vst to the dedicated guitar amplifier/effects rack vst. It sometimes does wonders for the sound. Can get much better results than with its own amps and distortion effects. I just try to treat it like a real guitar in that way.

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And in fact that sucks, but I will have a look nevertheless. It’s a good idea to tune the guitar down if possible. I need to use Ample Sound because I don’t want to use anything by Native Instruments / Kontakt. Besides of that it doesn’t work properly, not even the install, at least in my case years ago. So I turned away…

Darkpsy, ok, whatever. :slightly_smiling_face:
I assume Darkpsy is a subgenre of Psytrance, which is a subgenre of Trance, which is a subgenre of Techno, right? I hate nowadays’ genre subdivison, it’s over the top. Anyway, your snare is really good and deserves to be heard. Don’t bury it.

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I’ve always thought of trance, techno, and house as their own genres. Kind of a holy (unholy?) trinity of edm