I would like to hear your music made with Renoise or other Daws

Techno is on top of the list, Trance and House both are subgenres of Techno. :slightly_smiling_face:

Is that historically true though? Didn’t house arise more or less independently? I always thought techno was a European innovation, while house was born in the US Midwest. Chicago primarily, and to a lesser extent Minneapolis. They talk about Detroit techno, too, but I don’t know too much about early edm history, tbh. Maybe someone here can offer a history lesson :slight_smile:

Electro was an American innovation too, wasn’t it?

As far as subgenres go, I can go deeper lol. I used to write a lot of sludge trance whose tree might look like this

Trance>psytrance>darkpsy>swamp trance>sludge trance

I was basically the only producer in the sub sub subgenre lol

You know, I’m from Frankfurt, the city in which many electronic music genres were founded, just like Trance. Even the term “Techno” was founded in Frankfurt, a DJ called Talla 2XLC first used it while running a vinyl shop in Frankfurt, and from then on this term was brought to the whole world. Electro also was founded in Germany, in this case by a group called Kraftwerk (you might know them, they’re member of the "Rock’N’Roll hall of fame). Kraftwerk was producing “Electro Pop” even back in the 60s, and this kind of sound was transported to Hip Hop/Rap, which had a huge influence on Electro (just listen to 80s Electro and you know what I’m talking about). The Electro of today is just a further development of 80s Electro, but with a focus more on Electronic stuff and less Rap. In contrary to that House was founded in the US during the early 80s, it first was part of the Disco scene, but during the 80s House music changed and turned more into a Techno kind of sound. The House what we know today is clearly part of Techno, it’s a subgenre of it, like I said. Believe me, I’m listening to electronic music from my early ages in the Kindergarten, and furthermore I was lucky to grow up in the world capital of Techno. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey all, new full license owner here. I’ve been working in the demo for years, but my tunes are starting to get to the quality level where I figured getting a proper license is actually worth it!

I got reinspired by modding by an old friend of mine who sadly passed away in 2005, when I for whatever reason thought of listening to his music that I never got to hear while I was hand digging a hole on a construction site. Almost a year later now, I have a catalogue of over 200 of his songs that I’ve found spread out all over Atari and Amiga MOD databases, getting in contact with his old friends, some of them even recommended for unusually high quality in some of the bigger databases.
His songs have also proven to be very educational to me, both in terms of music theory and modding terms (not to mention all the cool OG people I’ve so far met along the way!)

Anyways, I am now trying to learn software synthesizers and producing in Renoise with various synth VSTs where I to my best extent try to make my own synthesized samples. Music style is hard to define, but I would probably call it heavy techno with punkrock roots.

I will probably have lots of questions further on, as I’m finding a few issues however! Not working with conventional samples directly but instead synthesizing the sounds on spot through the VSTs, I have not been able to use the volume and FX columns for instance, and I’m also not sure how to be able to post the music to mod archives with the VST requirements. However, you can listen to me on Soundcloud!


Welcome TMW and nice little tune you have there .

You can actually use the volume column to some extent with soft synths: Volume Column + Vsti? - #2 by BYTE-Smasher

If you want to turn the synth sounds you make into samples you can use the plugin grabber, just right click the instrument in the instruments list. You can make single sample instrument or multisampled ones. I’m not familiar with the VST requirements on mod archive, but this way you can eliminate VSTi’s completely in your track.
I’ve noticed sometimes the rendered samples aren’t identical to the sound from the soft synth though, so i suggest rendering to a new instrument instead of overwriting the synth. I’m not sure why it’s not always identical, but i suspect it might have something to do with incompatible internal automations in the synth or differences in sample rate and bit rate.

If you haven’t checked these out yet i would recommend the free VSTi’s surge and zynaddsubfx(the early open source version). Both are very versatile and sounds great for free synths.

Thank you. You say there’s no consistency and proper structure? I agree there’s no conventional song structure and consistent style, but the structure isn’t completely random, i’ve put some tought to it. In my head i kinda create a visual story and try to make the music follow along. :stuck_out_tongue:

I made another track for the instagram-channel of my kids. @bookbrothers_ol


@Marc_Shake Lovely little piece. Gives me a bit of Joe Hisaishi vibe, long time collaborator of Hayao Miyazaki / Studio Ghibli.

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I’m still having a break from creating music, but here’s some fake Acid that I’ve created exactly 30 years ago in 1994 on Amiga with ProTracker (you can hear that :laughing:). It was my very first official release on a Techno compilation that was released on CD. As you can hear it’s original Amiga sound, only 4 tracks, samples only (bad sound quality), amateurish composition (which generally was quite normal terms of Techno at that time) and of course I did no mixing and mastering back then. It’s just pure amateur Amiga sound made by a kid.

At that time my pseudonym was Clone and not TNT.

Yes, you’re mostly creating music kinda like a classical piece, but it’s electronic. It’s your style and it’s absolutely ok, but PERSONALLY I would prefer some more structure respectively danceability. Anyway, keep it up.

Of course it sounds different, because this way you’re pressing a dynamic and moving sound (VST) into a stiff and tight corset (sample). There’s no way to keep the original sound by rendering instrument to sample. But if you render the track (right click on the track, left click on “render to sample”), the original sound of the VST would be kept.


:badteethslayer: this is great, man. Carries the energy of the time, for sure

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You could render to samples that are just as long as your pattern, so i can’t see why it should sound different compared to rendering the pattern track to sample? Of course not if you have things in you’re dsp chain, but that is not what we’re talking about.

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Don’t let it peck you.


Thanks! Yes, it carries the energy of that time, but nevertheless you can literally hear the limitations in every aspect. Only having 4 tracks and an overall bad sound quality are not the best conditions to be creative, especially for someone who just begun creating music and needs to learn. On the other hand those Amiga MODs have their own kind of sound and their own legacy. :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t know about the technical questions, but in my experience it’s not possible to keep the original sound of an instrument after “render to sample”, regardless of the DSP chain. Even if there’s no chain it sounds different after the render. I guess the rendering process doesn’t consider every effect and setting that’s being used within the VST.

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Dropping a Renoise/Sp 404 (only) beat tape soon.

Two tracks already available.


Your track is great! It’s rough around the edges and it sure could use some refinement. But it also has hair on its chest. I think production/sound quality matter way less than you seem to think.

For example, recently the algorithm recommended me this. The guy has lots of nice toys. Sizable modular, expensive mixer and fancy drum machines…It’s all “better” than your Amiga. But his mix & music doesn’t do much for me. Where your track makes me want to move and feel inspired. Point being; it’s pretty much never about the tools. It’s the way you use them.


I’ve been playing this one of mine a lot. Heavily Meshuggah inspired neuro-dubstep-glitch.


Dope :metal::fire:

Although the guitar lick gets a little grating after a while. Might be fun to throw a frequency shifter on it around the 1:45 mark

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