I would like to hear your music made with Renoise or other Daws

Short “IDM” remix I made in Renoise for RENEGADE ANDROiD. Heavily inspired by Last Step and The Tuss.

Original track was made in Polyend Tracker!


1993! Big difference. :wink:

Nice mix and nice composition, personally I think 5 minutes is a little long for this tune.

Why Renoise 2.1? Ok, I get the mood, the composition matches the picture. I just think the drums are way too loud and also too clean in comparison to the rest.

Have you checked through speakers? The drums are very loud, the rest is very soft. Doesn’t work through my speakers, the balance is off. It sounds better through headphones, but it’s also kinda weak. Your other tracks seem to sound better than this, more balanced. But the drums are still very loud in general imho. :slightly_smiling_face:

All right, but I will be honest. So this is officially a “Metal” song. According to my taste the guitars are too flat (no low ends?) and the drums are too present for a Metal song. Some more impact of the guitars would be nice. The tune is also very short, twice as long would be appropriate imho. The composition is good, but with a better mix and a little more aggression it could also slap. And I assume that’s what you’re after, right?

What do you expect from a load of shit like Spotify? It’s well known that they take advantage of all those artists. You cannot blame Spotify for that, only yourself for using Spotify. Anyway, your track still sounds nice. Could use some more clearness because it’s a little muddy, but besides of that it’s fine.

IDM, eh? Mixed with some Breakcore elements… :upside_down_face:
In case of a remix it would be nice to post a link to the original, too. One needs to compare, you know? So that’s what I did, and I can tell you, your version is SO MUCH better than the original. In every aspect! Nice mix, too.


Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

Trying to improve a bit every day :pray:

Renoise 2.1 (cos I like that it’s all Hex).


Crazy good!!!

Cheers TNT. Much appreciate your listening and feedback. Always something new to learn/improve for the next song :raised_hands:

Beautiful remix!!

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Another try to do something like Hans Zimmer. This time a Youtube-Short.

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Thanks so much for the feedback, mixing is such a crucial element and I still suck at it lol, especially when it comes to hip/hop urban stuff, the drums are supposed to be hitting harder than other genres so it’s difficult to find that balance even with the monitors

Yes, it also depends on your monitors. Personally I couldn’t mix with monitors alone, because even though I’ve got very good monitors (Genelec 8030CP, 579 € each) they lack bass (54 Hz - 20000 Hz), that’s why I also check through HiFi speakers. At least that’s how your music is gonna be played the most, right? But have you tried mixing in mono once? It’s highly recommended, especially for those who suck in mixing. I produce mainly Electro, so that’s very similar to Hip Hop in terms of sound and how to mix. And I’m very pleased with the described method (more details in the mixing thread). It works even without room treatment, sound correction software or whatever. I’m mixing in my ordinary living room with an open kitchen, a corridor and floor-to-ceiling windows all around. Just try it out! :+1:


I always mix in mono :sob::sob::sob: I just suck lol

But what has been helping is now that I’m 100% samples I used that batch convert to mono tool and all all my samples are mono

That and using the groups track/busses. I finally got some better headphones too I have some pretty good flat response Yamahas but my headphones were trash

Try Sonarworks Reference :grin: Gamechanging for headphones imo (as long as they have a preset for your model - check first).

If you want your drums to hit harder, there are a few things to keep in mind, imo. First, compression of individual drum hits can make a big difference. Decent ratio and play with the threshold, making sure to give some attack time to let the uncompressed transients ring thru. Settings dialed in to taste. Compress the whole drum bus as well to glue it all together. Side chaining main drum elements is also crucial. Duck everything else in the mix with elements you want to cut through… I would guess 808s, kicks, and snares for drill type music. Gentle distortion, but reduction, and overdrive can also help a lot towards making the sounds pop more in the mix. And of course, mixing everything up around the drums as the core elements of the track is super important. Volume levels probably make the biggest difference, but you really have to control levels through various means if you want your percussion to hit hard. EQing individual hits so they “own” their own part of the frequency spectrum can help a lot with clarity, too.

These are all just general principles of course, but maybe there’s something useful here for you. Hope it helps! For what it’s worth, your drums sound pretty good to me, although I think you could roughen them up a bit and they’d sound beefier/harder/better

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Definitely appreciate the feedback guys I’ve been experimenting with different techniques after the beats been made I haven’t uploaded more because I’m still working on the mix haha.

Starting to learn that’s just as if not more important than the beat itself

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i really like this tune, it has great groove!

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Definitely not more important! Composition is always the most important element :grin:

But a good mix will always elevate the composition to its highest potential

Thanks for listening and for the kind words :slightly_smiling_face:

Those are pretty old beats but yeah you’re definitely right. Expect a huge improvement in the mix on the next tracks I share. Thanks guys

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A Nofap song I made… using laptop speakers. >_<


I made a thing