I would like to hear your music made with Renoise or other Daws

Hi! Hope everybody in the forum is doing ok.
I released a new album. Check it out! :slight_smile:


Ugly little bugger. :smiley:

Edit: the birds are real this time btw. :smiley:


Re-mixed(no dj stuff lol) an older guitar drill beat. I think my mixing is getting better.

Sounding great man! Are you playing guitars here?

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Yes, until it’s finished. :alien:

If you don’t post a playable link, let me do this quickly for you:

Yes, it sounds like an old demoscene tune. And I can hear that you’re from Denmark, it’s the typical “Thomas Mogensen kinda like style”. You know what I mean, don’t you? I’ve read the mix is dry, nevertheless some more “punch” or let’s say “woomp” would be nice.

This is a Rap beat, he needs to find a rapper, not a singer. :wink:
But he could also use AI instead. Check this at 14:48. Or just sell the beat to someone who could rap but sucks at creating beats respectively music.

I think this is one of your best compositions, especially the second part of the song. There’s some subtle aggression in it, I like it. Nice guitar, too. I like its tone. Well done. Furthermore the balance of the mix is good. Unfortunately it lacks depth respectively impact, it sounds very flat overall, especially the kick. The kick doesn’t kick, which is a pitty. If you’d fix that you’d have a pretty good tune right here.

I think so, too. This one sounds better, the balance is good. Just don’t listen to people who’re telling you that the kick needs to be twice as loud or even louder as the rest. Of course that’s not the reality. You can hear it yourself, right? But one question comes to mind: Do you have Soundcloud or something like that? Or do you post your short snippets only on Instagram? And why?

Yup, that song with that snare is a different story, right? Sounds way better than before with that metallic reverbed snare. Did you add the “water drip effect” in the background, or was it already there? I can’t remember. That effect sounds nice. Personally I would contribute this song to the competition, not the other one. Just because this one slaps more. But it’s your decision. The other one was good, too. :slightly_smiling_face:


Beatstars puts this annoying tag on the beats to prevent rappers from stealing them + I’m not trying to sell them to you guys. Once I get the blaze player I can change that. Instagram is where I can experiment with my video editing and stuff as I’m reworking my TikTok, YouTube, X, and FB page.

My goal is to have ~1min reels that end right before the beginning so it’s a continuous loop artist can write to. A few of them do already and most are just dumps of old beats to get critiques from artist. A sort of prototype for my other channels (casiinoTV) where I’ll live stream and post beat videos aka commercials. Just my little marketing strategy lol


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Yup, thank you!

Thanks, yeah you know me and my mixes…i still haven’t gotten some decent monitors yet. I only have my headphones which is ok, but i can’t seem to mix well with those. I do some using my $20 bt speakers which always sounds mono and then i also have a combi record player/cd player/cassete player/FM radio/DAB radio/BT speaker and usb player in one placed in a room with bad acoustics. I think there is some punch in my headphones, but i see what you mean at least when i play it off on my tablet now. :smiley:


In my other work, I experimented with many different genres. The first song on the list was made yesterday, and the second was made somewhere in April 2024.

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10 years ago a track (a remix) was made. I made this remix for the Band “Massiv in Mensch” who are a gothic band. They appeared on the last Wave-Gothic-Treffen in Leipzig this year. Anyways: This is my remix.

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Dead end, Conclusion, Failure… made with Reaper.

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Out of curiosity - are you running a guitar into and amp/effects and then into Renoise to record, or are you using something like a VST to amp/cabinet/etc. the guitars? Would be curious to know what you’re using to get that nice, crunchy (and very warm sound) - whether that be a combo of amps/pedals or VST’s. etc.

Have tried so many different methods over the years, but i think i finally have landed on a solution that works for me.
There are pros and cons to pretty much all the methods i have tried though.
I would think the ultimate method would be to have a proper recording studio where you create your sound and mic up the cabinets, but i don’t even have a working git amp atm, so that’s not really an option.
I have tried some free VST options and also cabinet impulse responses and it’s possible to get an ok sound with a lot of fiddling, but it’s not very efficient and it’s quite limited compared to some paid VSTs created for guitars. I haven’t tried many of those options, but i have tried Guitar Rig a long time ago and the free version of Amplitude.
None of those convinced me as much as MGuitarArchitect which is the one i currently use.
I use it together with MTurboReverbMB and MTurboCompressorMB (These must be purchased separately as VST Plugins that can be used inside or outside MGuitarArchitect) to get the most out of it. I also often use MFreeformEqualizer as it’s very nice for very detailed EQing/shaping.
The advantage by recording a dry guitar is that you get endless possibilities after you recorded it, while if you record an already processed signal you have very limited options in that regard. The problem though is latency. It depends on your equipment how much latency will be a problem, but the more complex the track is getting, the worse the latency. So even if the latency is good when you start playing it usually worsens and to me it’s impossible to record a proper guitar with latency.
To overcome this problem however i use a sound card that has the option to mix between the playback signal and the input signal (i specifically use Roland Quad-Capture). So i basically monitor the dry guitar while i still hear the playback.
After i recorded i simply add a slice where i start to play, then i move the slice to perfectly fit my track.

Fantastic. This is the sort of detail I was hoping for. Currently I’ve been recording in and using Guitar Rig. It’s (actually quite) serviceable but never… it never quite sounds as “right” as the guitar here. Will have to look into MGuitarArchitect and the Reverb + Compression modules.

Tend to favor the dry guitar in too - then flip around through various combinations in GuitarRig to get at least close to the sound I like. Latency, yeah, always a challenge. I’ve tweaked my system etc. to get things manageable but, yeah, the more complex a project the more latency becomes an issue. Tend to have the built in recorder start recording “on pattern start” or whatever it’s called to get things at least close to a good start point … the idea of adding a slice marker it aces, stealing that!

Thanks again for the thorough reply, extremely helpful :slight_smile:

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I used to do it like that myself, but it felt like it always was slightly off, while with the slice you can easily change it later without making any destructive changes to the recording. Sometimes it also sound better a little off to avoid phasing and mono incompatibility. Also i only record to mono, not a stereo sample. Not entirely sure why, but i read some time that it was best to do that, so i stick to it.

You can try all the mentioned full version plugins for free for a limited amount of days, after that time they produce occational silence or noise. If you decide to buy them i will strongly suggest waiting untill they’re on sale, because you may save up to 2/3 of the price. They have sales on a selection of plugins every week, so they will all most likely end up on sale within a few months.

I haven’t used Guitar Rig myself for many many years, but i assume it hasn’t become less good over the years. I would guess the audio quality is equally good, the main difference is probably the GUI and the paralell processing in up to 4 bands plus internal sidechaining. Maybe those features have been added/improved since i used it?
The GUI in MGuitarArchitect is not the most intuitive one though, but once i got the hang of it i find it to be more efficient and versatile than i can remember Guitar Rig back in the days.
What i’m trying to say is that Guitar Rig is probably just as good by sound quality, so i guess it’s a matter of taste. It’s worth to check out MGA free trial period though.

Yup, the water sound was there also in the first version. Maybe I increased the volume a bit. The snare also sounds better, but it’s not your snare which had too many resonances for my ears. I think the kick is still a bit too loud, but beside of that it sounds good imo.

just updated this
there’s i think maybe 7-10 released track missing from this but still.


Thanks TNT. WHat did I do since the link was not show correct?

“Thomas Mogensen kinda like style” … that must absolutely be a compliment :slight_smile:

Briefly: thanks for the very thorough info here. Truly grateful to get your insights - the recording to mono is interesting going tp have to try it.

Guitar Rig does do a lot of things amazing well (imop), particularly given that its just software and not, like, physical stuff. Like a lot of NI things it def hits the CPU hard, so knowing of alternatives to try is always welcome. I also need to take more time to really investigate under the hood a bit - many options are great because many options, but also not so great because many options :sweat_smile:

Thanks again friend, appreciate your insights!

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