I would like to hear your music made with Renoise or other Daws

So you want to sell beats and therefore become a beat maker and not a producer. Good luck!

All you need to do is to get some simple, cheap HiFi speakers. But real speakers, no PC boxes or bluetooth crap. Personally I would prefer old ones over new ones, because old HiFi stuff is superior in comparison to new stuff. You could grab a pair of the ones I’m using for 50-99 € in used condition on eBay. No need to spend a lot of money. Look for Onkyo SC-380.

I especially like the slow beginning until the 587 BPM section starts at 1:35. :wink:

Yes, obviously. But it fits, that’s what matters.

He’s one of my favorite C64/Amiga composers. About that link: Just simply copy and paste the link to your song without doing anything else. You’ll see a weird oversized picture in the preview, just ignore that. It’ll look normal after posting it.


Absolutely! I enjoy the process of programming beats, mixing, and nerding out in forums and stuff way too much jajaja.

I’ve recorded a few pals here and there, it’s fun but that’s just not my passion. If the opportunity presented itself then sure, but I’m a beat maker FIRST, well, with Renoise I’m gonna call myself a beat PROGRAMMER now :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the feedback bro :sunglasses:

made this a couple years ago. lofi chillhop stuff made in renoise + bass guitar played also by me
buy/stream: https://fanlink.tv/ngzsndy


My new project: Giallo soundtrack inspired Italo Horror Funk!


Lofi beats to ponder existence to. Enjoyed that a lot.

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Only listened to Night Shifting so far, but its beautiful.

It take a while but in the end this is my last creation on Renoise.
Enjoy :slight_smile:


…? You gave up with Renoise? Anyways, I love what you did with the sound design. :pinched_fingers:

Maybe? Who care :grinning: :pinched_fingers:
Thank you!

Very nice, Mr. “Member of Maniacs of Noise”! Nuff said! :+1:
Greetings to Reyn Ouwehand, Thomas Mogensen, Geir Tjelta, Thomas E. Petersen and Jeroen Tel.

I feel you, same here. I could do tons (!) of any kind of beats every day and offer them somewhere, but in the end I prefer to produce finished songs instead. Creating something to listen to, you know? :slightly_smiling_face:

Enjoyable sound! I like the styles of that album, they’re different but at the same time quite similar. There’s Synthwave (Psychic Surgery), Chill Out (Open Heart) and more, but my personal favorites are the groovy ones just like “Night Shifting”. It sounds like some stuff by Alan Parsons Project, but instead of real instruments it’s electronic sound all the way. Well done!:+1:

Sounds almost like @slujr . And you’ll most likely return to Renoise as soon as you work with other DAWs. Provided you’re planning to continue to create music. :wink:

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Dystopia themed electronic music with progressive song-writing. Also janky animated music video.


Desolation, done with Reaper.

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Done on Earbuds, still waiting for my headphones to arrive in the mail.

Thanks for the comparison with @slujr, he is very talented!
I’ve been using Renoise since version 1.2 and it works great, it has everything you need. But it’s time for me to change my perspective and get out of the habit to learn something new again but without any DAW this time :wink:.

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Brutal. Not my sort of music but its the best thing youve shared so far. Keep it up.

Pro work i like it ,great basslines

Lovely, did you use AI for the video ?

Man be careful you could really damage your ears with these type of tracks,also warn people,my speakers almost died my hearing too

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The track has only - 1.5 dB LUFS. :rofl: