I wrote about DAWS - including Renoise for Sonicstate

I thought you renoisers might be interested to see Renoise in a sonicstate articel I wrote recently.

Hope you enjoy it !



nice article, i’m missing several screenshots like for bitwig… and i would also introduce ardour/mixbus :slight_smile:
Thanks, it’s great article nonetheless!


Thanks! I had some image cropping issues - so decided to limit the pics to the important ones.

I like the look of bitwig tho…am I allowed to say??

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Very nice!

For me, there are a few critical DAW features, including 1) can you script things (and/or make custom tools), and 2) can you manage it via OSC (including adding your own OSC handlers.

My preferred DAWs, Renoise + Reaper, do both quite well. : )

Perhaps if you do an update you could mention such things,

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of course, there is an active Bitwig thread here as well :slight_smile:

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Great article man i love the sonicstate guys

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Very nice article! MuLab is the next DAW you can mention…

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Thanks, I’ve been a fan for years. I think it’s okay to say, I’m now part of the team.


Thanks, I’ve never heard of it - do you use it? Is it good?

Good to know!

I am Renoise and Reason user but my friend uses MuLab for long time and loves it.
You can check some comments here:

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Deadmau5 uses FLStudio ? On all videos that I saw from him he was on ableton which seems to be his main daw.

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Yes, Deadmau5 is definitely an Ableton user.

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Here’s a one year old article in german about DAWs, nearly the same than this one

But as long as I read articles about DAWs it remains the case that I’m not interested in other DAWs than Renoise. No way! :upside_down_face:

Thanks changed

Cool! Nice to see Renoise in another list!