I;Z Got An Idea For Tool!

I want a tool which searches my song for repeats in order to maximize complexity. Which parameters I can set such as “# of repeats allowed” If set to 1 would flag you when the same note hits a 3rd time. A snare for example, would only sound the same twice. afterwards you are forced to place modifiers on to change the sound (09s, 0Es, 04s, 0etcs.) Another parameter that would be nice to set is #repeat allowed after x ticks/bars/notes/etcs"

Anybody catch my drift on this? It would be cool as an option to have the ability to turn on or off. Or as a tool which you could use after a song is written to search from the first note to the last. per track, for repeats.

i catch your drift, it even made me smile, as i recognize the way i look at my own music. i hate (unintended) repetition. i am not a coder, but would welcome this tool. great idea.

That’s pretty cool. Create variation, presented almost as a challenge/game?

I like the idea, but I also think it would be tricky to pull off. Here’s why: If we assume that I’ve written a song that has a constantly changing, non-repeating main theme which occupies two octaves, that would make for a total of 24 possible notes. And each of these 24 notes notes might be repeated many times during the song.
But unless we decide upon some sort of criteria, these notes could be regarded as identical (as any C-5 is identical to another C-5).

So you would need to establish a criteria before you’re able to match anything, or the number of matches would be overwhelming.

Some possible criteria could be:

  • Identical pattern-track (match only content contained in contiguous, identical pattern-tracks)
  • Identical pattern-line (only notes on same line number are matched)
  • Every Nth pattern-line (like ‘same line number’, but repeated for every Nth line)

For example C-5 09ed at 0901 being different than a C-5 at 0902 or 1180 on a filter. Or using the E commands. Etc…

No doubt it would be difficult to pull off as far as coding goes. Perhaps another perimeter to set would be over what span?

Making sure that


doesn’t repeat later on in the song. Though that would be difficult for themed music. Then again you might just have to be forced to get modal with it and use something like


next time around.

Another idea would be to say that

C-5 ----
D-5 ----
D#-5 ----

Can’t repeat for at least 12 measures (or whatever # of specified measures)

Thus using

C-5 0408
D-5 0408
D#-5 0408

Next time around would solve the repeat problem

Then perhaps

C-5 0406
D-5 0406
D#-5 0406

And so on to avoid repetition.

I feel it would force people to continually attempt new things in Renoise.

On a side note. Using

C-6 02C0
D-6 02C0
D#-6 02C0

Would end you up at the same notes.

Correct me if I’m wrong on the 02C0 command. I’m not at a Renoise computer to double check it.