I really don’t mind reinstalling windows once a year, honestly

Sure, if you know how to properly use ANYTHING, it will last longer.
The fact that you NEED TO KNOW all that crap in order to make a PC
work properly, makes it shit. I don’t give a rats ass about computers,
how they work, why they work the way they do. I’ve always solely
used them for music and internet and that’s it. I’m not looking for an
oversized calculator that eats my precious time because it is in need of
constant maintenance in order to stay alive. It’s not a damned hamster.

In the end, I don’t give a rats ass about what OS I run either.
But since it’s become such a big bloated thing, I think that I’m starting
to care just to prove some stupid point to a fistfull Microsoft Extremists.

Maddox tells you the difference between a Mac and a PC and the users.

OT: In case you’re not familiar with this guy’s writings, do check them out. He’s awfully hilarious.

lol,classic stuff


If you’re a smoker and if you quit you are always the most hardcore anti-smoker.

This is also with windows users: If you quit using it you will become the most hardcore anti-windowsuser.

Relax, it will pass in time :P