This is my first message from my new minimac!
Finally no more laptop tracking! Finally a numpad!
And last but not least, NO MORE WINDOWS!

God, how I will miss my VSTs

But yay!

Boo… Mac :(

You failed at buying a computer :ph34r:

welcome to the dark side :drummer:

Look for the universal binary (ying yang) symbol:

Or, download them all and follow this tip.

Welcome to your grandma’s unix!

I would certainly consider going mac.
but I use very much windows only vst’s.
how are you gonna solve this?

Come visit me!

I’ve got a few vst an vsti’s for you :D

and it’s been a while.

Hell yeah, niagga! I can finally relate to why you went Mac,
it works smoother and sexier already! I never knew my internet
was actually this fast! My xrns files don’t glitch anymore! I now
have an ergonomically correct studio! And last but not least,
I can finally look down onto Windows-based Renoisers!

Let’s pick a date for our date captain, last time I was on a
sudden last minute and well-deserved holiday.

1.83GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 2GB memory, 80GB hdd, usb/firewire hub, 22inch monitor screen,
mouse, keyboard for a reasonable 300 euros.

Pick your friends wisely :P

I would never buy anything from the company which is trying to sell me an iPhone.

What happened to my laptop?!

It-Alien: and you WILL buy something from a company which uses an oxymoron like Microsoft Works as a product name?

botb, well, I have bought Microsoft XP Home 6 years ago and it still works, and I have changed 2 PCs since then.

it did not ask me for any money since then, I did not need to buy it again because there was a new version which featured the copy function, it did not try to convince me I was smarter because I bought it, and in fact I’m not smarter. I can also use non-Microsoft software with it…!

let’s flame mwahmwah

PS: Linux is better, you morons!

I’ve always solely worked on a laptop, because of gigs I wanted mobility.
Now that I’m goddamned rich and famous (sarcasm), I’m dropping XP like
a fukking stone, having lost almost all my trust in the future of Microsoft.
Fook dat shit, I use a puter for making music, not playing demanding games
or leeching the net dry of illegal warez.

Okay, FLAME!!!

That you’re bragging about the fact that you can use non-microsoft
software, says enough about your trust in it. That you needed to buy 2 PC’s
within 6 years might be something to consider when you’re going to buy a third.

I’m glad you didn’t convince yourself you were smarter and neither did I.
But the disappointment I get from my fellow Renoisers when I tell them about my
enthousiasm over my new system, made me look a hell of a lot smarter, don’t you think? ;)

look at the bright side, kids:
Botb got himself a numpad!

Sent from my iPhone

This made me smile :) I love english/grammar jokes

OS X computers are pretty good y’all.

The software you get by it bringing home from work (i.e. did you really pay for your Windows or is it subsidized?) from the same company that tries to sell you the Zune, or the Xbox, or Microsoft Bob is the flip-side of that lame iPhone argument.

Linux is cool. But it’s a struggle that not everyone wants to partake in. Also, it’s been around for years… why did you just start now again? Is it because the Windows ship is sinking? Is it because it took until 2008 for you to accept a compromise between usability and programming? I guess we’ll never know.

As for double the price? The computers are in the same price range as comparable equipment. Give or take a few dollars, it’s not unreasonable for a proprietary (holy shit, like Renoise?!) system with Unix underpinnings (holy shit, like XRNS?!).

Why so many haters?

Envy versus Ignorance ;)

Cheers for those tips earlier in this topic, Conner! Half of the VST problem solved!

I never understood the Mac hype… especially those mac laptops. Basically you get same hardware etc only with bigger pricetag. The reason that people say Mac’s run smoother and crash less is that there are lot less warez for MacOS :) If you know what you are doing you can run PC very very smoothly. Havent had any problems for a long time.

using rosetta does make renoise much slower.

I switched it off again :)