I'd Like To Try Some Other Synths

I’ve been using pretty much ONLY z3ta+ for a while now (couple of years). Time to check some other stuff out.

please recommend me some, they can be mainstream ones (like reaktor) to some less known synths that you like.

Thx guys!

my preferred:

  • Native Instruments Pro-53; quite old, but still stunning in my opinion
  • RGC Audio Triangle II: freeware, monophonic, easy great synth
  • RGC Audio Pentagon: the shareware older brother

less recommended:
I find the GUI of z3ta+ quite cumbersome, while NI Absynth’s one sacrifices usability in favour of style.

NI Reaktor, instead, has still some major issues when used in Renoise, and is of course the most difficult to use. Same goes for Virsyn TERA.

All of these have great potentials, but also consume lots of CPU. Expecially using z3ta+, I’ve found useful to render the sounds as samples and use them as RNI files.

z3ta is a powerhouse. but works so much better in renoise then in cubase for example. I can works with 3 or 4 instances of it in renoise.

try 2 z3ta’s in cubase and it burps and crashes. <_<

thanks for the suggestion It-Alien, will try Pro-53. never used it before. I gave Triangle a try but nothing too serious. I’ll check it out.

any other suggestions guys? keep 'em coming.

My current favs:

White Noise Additive
Wusikstation V3 Platinum

First thing I would do would be to check out KVR and see which ones free and commercial that gets the best scores and then download the free and grab demos of the commercial.

Triangle II is nice for arpeggiating stuff, hold one note and swiftly peddle between two others to figure what i mean…
(Don’t forget to apply some delay to it)

good call dude! thx

free vsti:

get them all :)

personal favs this moment:
(freeware) xhip
(freeware) oatmeal

2 freeware synths that kinda took me by surprise recently were Voyager by Arguru and Polyiblit by Andreas Ersson. I’ve had them installed for a while but had never really bothered to check them out in-depth. Both of them can make some really nice, useful sounds.

Jonas already mentioned Oatmeal which is very nice as well. Xhip definitely has the potential to be really wicked and it can make some funky sounds, though the GUI needs quite a lot of work in my opinion.


Foo? likes:

Triangle I, Imposcar, Superwave P8, Quadrasid, Cygnus (wow), Mellowsound, mda Epiano, Mr. Tramp, Taurus, Morpheus, Voyager, FM7, anything by HG Fortune (wow), other weird ones I can’t remember…

i enjoy using albino 2 & 3, minimonsta & crystal.
reaktors okay but i dont enjoy using it like i do with the others, 1st thing the ppl of reaktor should have thought about is the way the controls get put into the list of automatable parameters, an how that should have been standardized. if you go through the some of the ensembles (even the ones your suppose to buy) its all messy as hell! so you cant load up a different ensemble(reaktors idea of a schematic) into a song an have it work with any prewritten automation that was made to work with another ensemble.
my absolute favorite ensembles are: grobian r4 & carbon. (they have to be fixed tho in order to work with renoise)

as far as im concerned, download everrything. then delete all vst! an use only vst you use. then you dont rely on presets!

No, I didn’t. From my experience, Arturia makes CPU bloat. I will check it, anyway, thanks for the tip

There are so many synths… depends on what type of sound do you want.

Organs, for example: NuBiLE or Organized trio. Both very good.

Moog emulation: Minimogue (LUXUS)

For “various” sounds: Crystal

A rather new one and nice for some ambient/atmosphere sounds: Chimera

All of the above are free.

Oh yeah, I forgot Chimera… what a wonderful sound that thing can make.

Yes it does depend on your style. However, the mark of a good synth is usually how good the filters sound. There are some bloody awful ones.

Novation V-Station is my main weapon of choice, simple to use with an awesome sounding engine…

Luxonix Purity (and by extension Ravity[S] and [R], which it’s basically a new edition of).

It’s a rompler. Really good for “bread and butter” instrument sounds like piano/strings/bass guitar, quite capable of making phat synth sounds, and has a really user friendly interface for layering patches. Thoroughly recommend it.

at a very first quick look, these, so far, made my jaw go :eek:

minimosta ( :w00t: f*cking phat)
novation v station
refx beast
refx slayer

I’m checking out the others. Thx for the suggestions guys!

You might like crystal as well (free plug from greenoak.com) if you like the above ones.

Maybe that’s not a behemoth like Absynth, etc. but still it is really amazing for me:


Especially the new 2006 version. If you knew some old (2002 or 2003), try it again, it became even more powerful. And the best part: it uses a ridicously small amount of CPU power. I can beat up 10 of them in a song (Pentium M 730) and still have room for VST and DSP effects.

the reFX plasticz! has some interesting sounds