I'd like to work with other Renoise musicians.

The way I have used Renoise all these years has been cheating. I’ve tried to use it like I did MED Soundstudio. There are a number of options that have been pretty much destroyed over the years as new versions of Renoise have come out. I can’t enter notes live because of the changes that were made–the new quantize modes and the inability to simply turn off note delays without using a quantize mode guarantees that notes can never be entered accurately. I’ve worked for 2 hours trying to enter a simple line over and over again, just trying to see if I could figure out the way Renoise wants me to do it, but with no results. I also can’t write by ear because there’s no “play notes while scrolling” option that I’ve been requesting for 10 years that would act like hitting the enter key at any point when scrolling through a pattern, up or down. I also can’t add any new notes to a song once I’ve had to expand a pattern because step length doesn’t affect the cursor keys, so entering notes in any way shape or form becomes impossible once a pattern has been expanded too much. There’s also the chord modes that have been decimated where I constantly have to turn chord mode on and off just to enter something.

So, I can’t really make much in Renoise that doesn’t just sound like a cheap midi file like most of my songs have sounded like, where the tracks are never expanded enough to sound human, and there are never any pitch bends, and there are never really the things that makes a song have decent production values. Other people seem to have the patience to do all the things that need to be done–they don’t mind having to go to several screens and several different modes to do something that I’m used to being all on the same screen. I simply DON’T have the patience and I never really have. It’s been 10 years and I still haven’t really learned Renoise, and I still can’t adjust to the idea of composing via what I see on the screen instead of by ear. I just want my stuff to sound better, but I literally can’t do it because of all these options that are either missing or have been destroyed by new versions.

So, I’d really like to make some basic song ideas, the notes, the chords, the timings, what the placements of the rhythms are, and then once I have the general layout of the song made, I can give it to someone or more than one person where they could work on it from there and maybe turn it into something halfway decent.

I’m not a good electronic music producer, I never have been. I write good music, theory-wise, but that doesn’t mean much in the electronic music world that relies so heavily on production values which I don’t possess and I don’t think I ever have. I can analyze these things about production values, but creating them just isn’t my thing. I’m great in a studio when it comes to recording real instruments, getting everything equalized right, getting all the mics placed right, getting all the levels right, getting all the effects just right, I do ProTools pretty good (but unfortunately I can’t use it because I no longer have hardware that it supports) but electronic production I quite frankly suck at.

So–if anyone is interested in working with me on something, let me know. I’m tired of being stagnant, and I’m tired of not writing anything because I can’t come to my own impossible production standards that I don’t even know how to create.


you have some music online?

I’m not sure if this will help you, as I’m not completely clear on some of the problems you’re having, but when I am writing a melody or bass line, I begin by playing riffs on my PC keyboard until I coome up (purely by chance) something I like. At this point, it hasn’t been recorded in any way in Renoise. I then press Space and watch as the cursor moves down the pattern, so that I can see if the BPM for the length of the pattern matches the timing of the riff I’ve come up with, i.e. if the riff will end at the right part of the pattern, so that if looped it would sound correct, with no large gap between the last note and the repeat of the pattern (presuming it’s supposed to sound like that).
Before I started doing this, I would often waste time when entering my riffs note by note into the pattern, because I would be setting the BPM to 200 or something very high like that, and increasing the pattern length to 128 ticks, in order to get the notes to play at the right time, and only after ten minutes or so would I finally ‘see’ the timing of the pattern and be able reduce it to 120 BPM and 64 ticks or whatever, and realised that I should have started like that from the beginning.
I would like to be able to record live without note delays being auto entered as well - but it may well be possible to turn this off? Then it would be really easy to just shift the odd note up or down a tick od ot had been quantized wrong. Because of the note delays being added I never record live either, but I personally don’t find it a problem (but loads of other people may!)

I don’t understand what you mean by

Do you know that you can set Renoise to play only part of a pattern, i.e. a half of it, a third, or a quarter, and repeat it?
Could you perhaps make a video showing us all of these problems? Maybe other people can suggest ways around them.

For some of my music:

http://kizzume.com/music.html has some stuff. For more recent examples of my singing, even though they recently removed the best songs for copyright reasons, my SingSnap profile is http://www.singsnap.com/karaoke/profile/recordings/b72cbcd

Being able to loop a part of the pattern at the exact speed of the song doesn’t help me–I need to be able to go through an entire pattern at whatever pace I need. I don’t use samples very much, most things have been VSTs.

Man, you’ve got some pretty nice music up there. Specially dig the nice touch of 80s. And I really like the sound of your voice. :)

That’s exactly the way it has to be, I’d say. Music is listened, not watched. So, don’t even try to change your way.

Why not open a dedicated thread for that? Just add your latest works in the first posting of it, offer them for download and name a license model. I’m sure there are a lot of people here, that would like to work with stuff like that. There are also plattforms on the net, where you can provide your song parts or search for coops.

For providing acapellas (but also whole songs) for example looperman and ccmixter come to my mind. :)

That of course doesn’t mean, you shouldn’t look for coops here. It’d just be additional ways.

Edit: Woah, listeining to “Amazed” I’m amazed too. Very powerful voice. It’d have to be a joke, if you wouldn’t find someone here to coop. Heh, the more of your stuff I listen to, the more I love your voice. Very cool… :yeah:

Is there something like a reference or example for the soundwise direction and style you’d like to head for?

Wow, it’s almost like I could’ve written that text. I like to think i’m fairly good with using Renoise, my head filled with ideas, but lack the ability to combine those two into a good sounding song.
I have also toyed with the idea to colaborate with someone else just to get the momentum going and get stuff done.

I’m up for the idea to work with another Renoiser. Although I tend to use more samples than VST:s. Have a look at my Soundcloud for my musical style.

Amused and Selflessness are fantastic. Best songs I ever heard from here. Really, can’t remember to have heard something better since I was listening to Albert Hammond (california etc) over and over, last year or so. Your voice and guitar playing is … I don’t know … it’s like when you watch american idol (but the german version) and find something totally fascinating. I think - no matter if you coop or not - you should bring in these strengths, and buy a hardware for protools, and do the equing and things that you think you’re good at, because your really are. You have a good self-evaluation, I think.

Robbie S’ song “Late as Well” has some cool eminemish exact freaky chilling rhythm (sorry for every wrong word), if you both mixed that cool style and superb vocals and guitar/melody from kizzume, that would sound very good.

(sometimes I really hate how I sound when say what I think… but I’ll just post it anyway…)

Can you elaborate a bit on this? I don’t understand. Either you have to have note delays, or you have to be in quantize mode, by definition. Is there a third possibility? Why don’t you just use quantize mode? Can you make a video to show why Renoise doesn’t do what you want?

I can’t understand any of those problems you’ve written above, we really need to see a video of you trying to do all these things in Renoise in order to understand how to help.

As I’ve experimented with playing in ideas “by hand,” I find that if the note delay values are too sloshy I bring them closer to time by simple math (the edit function to divide or add to the delay values as appropriate) or bring them into a better value one at a time.

Working with someone else may indeed be a positive idea, because I think your expectations are not in line with your ability, and by that I mean your expectations are incredibly high. To me, your music doesn’t sound like cheap MIDI at all, it sounds like Nik Kershaw and Mr Mark Dollin collaborating, better than much that I’ve heard in some time.