Idea: Adv. Edit Parameters


Ok. Expand / Shrink are available as functional shortcuts via dBlue’s magic work.

vV did a masking class for adv. edit parameters - but so far it would appear that noone has used it yet. vV, is this true?

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The taktik-started thread

So far it seems that ST3/IT/Schism Tracker-faces have insisted on Expand / Shrink, Protman, being an IT fan, wanted to write MixPaste but has not yet occurred.

And there’s the vV information that everything can be done using the Pattern Iterator.

Expand/Shrink are now shortcuttable thanks to dBlue’s modified code, so that leaves mixpaste and various others!

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Also, as mentioned in (the other?) thread LUA routines are unlikely to be able to perform it anywhere near as effectively. Consider a song of 20 tracks and 50 patterns and doing a Swap Instrument Number. This is going to be a very intensive routine for a LUA script and take some time. Renoise performs it pretty well and no matter you could rewrite the functions and make keybindings this isn’t an argument against Renoise having them natively IMO.

You can forget about Taktik’s thread regarding the Advanced Edit scripting part, that idea dates from 2007 is by far superceeded by the Lua scripting engine (really comparing, Lua is beyond the wildest dream of that thread).
Expand/Shrink is nice, but applying the masks and section to process (track/pattern/song) is a thing which also have to count for the others.


Wonderful news!

I immediately thought about this:

The mysterious project known as VADER, offering the advanced edit features in a command line interface.

And what a brilliant idea that is!!

Looks promising. Let’s see what KMaki can pull off