Idea:Auto/User-Updated Tools Check Script?

This might be kind of boring or far-out but, the idea is same in context to how firefox updates it’s addons and extensions.

load renoise, renoise checks, then asks if you would like to update, if so, renoise downloads the scripts and installs them.
I’m not sure but I know webkit runs on all 3 operating systems, while writing this I wonder if it would be possible to actually have a tool browser script calling webkit?

Yeah there should definitely be an update feature as part of Renoise itself.

Optional checking for those of us who like to be selective. But yes, great idea.

any plans of implementing this?

You don’t need webkit. Renoise API already has a library for HTTP. (Written by Bantai I think)

@suva: that is a bit too technical for me. what i was trying to ask is: is there already a way of ‘auto-updating’ your tools? or do i still have to manually check for updates?

thanks for the elaborate explanation. i understand this. it’s enough for me to know that this is in your pipeline, so to speak. i’ll wait patiently. thanks again!