Idea: Automation And Vst Transferal

Hi, here’s a possible idea for scripting that I have no idea whether would be possible or not. As you know, I’m hopeless with anything related to code…

Imagine you have made up an awesome performance of tweaking parameters on a dub echo VST, say riding up and down on the feedback parameter. But your VST is stuck in-line in the channel and thus limiting the further tweaking options. Ooops! Poor choice. So, usually it would be the best thing to just drag the VST over to a new send channel and be done with it, but in doing so you loose all the cool automation you have recorded. This is especially annoying (although not an impossible situation) when you have a multiple-pattern performance and/or multiple parameters at work. The current method requires slow copy-and-paste per pattern transferal.

Is it possible for scripting to address such an area? If not, I’m happy enough to live with the current situation. But if people see a way then I’m keen to see what can be done with the idea! :)

I have previously noted and been annoyed with this, even simple tasks like copying a LFO over and wanting pattern commands for on and off to stay with it in new track (although with Hydra that worry is long gone.)

Unfortunately you can not even used Advanced Edit like such.

Copy device into new Send Track.
Advanced Edit.
Track In Song ticked.
Content Mask: Automation
Copy and Paste.

On pasting would probably be best to have it ask what parameter of which DSP to add the automation to. This would also make it easier to try different effect of a similar type while keeping the automation (due to different parameter rangers and maybe curves some tweaking likely required but still, if you could map Feedback of Renoise’s Delay to Feedback of a third party delay when trying to substitute it then it could make for trying to supplement different devices in the chain a lot easier.)

But really, moving or copying a DSP to another Track really should ask you if you want to take the automation/pattern commands associated with it!

This is the tool I was looking for when I came to the forum today ! But obviously it doesn’t exist yet, and you are experiencing the same problem as me :( but it’ s just a matter of time I’ m sure, until someone makes it !