[Idea] Command Groups

i’ve got an idea for what could be an awesome script. i could try my hand at it myself but it would be my first script ever so might take a long time. someone else might very well be able to do it a lot better and faster. so, here it is.

say you have a song where you have this:

D-602 -- 1720  
---- -- ----  
---- -- ----  
OFF -- ----  

this resets the LFO envelope when the note is played.
now, say you want to reset it with each D-602 you play. you need to type both of these in every time.
now, say you want to reset it with each note you play.
now, say you want to have a Note-Off after each note you play.

this could be scripted.
get it or need more info?

The idea is a bit similar to the chord group linking in Impulse Tracker: You select a few tracks that contains various notes and copy it to the clipboard (this could be a row but also multiple rows with several notes), then you set the clipboard to note option and after that, each time you strike a note on the keyboard for insertion, the routine inserts the whole clipboard using your selected note as basenote offset and relates all the other notes to it.

Using the masking widget, one could extent this idea to include or exclude effects.
It is scriptable.

Would be a very powerful thing to have, to be able to define pattern-command/value combo’s according to what note(s) you play.

great idea, this would be very useful and powerful


A little bit like basic Clips (which I hope we will see one day for a multitude of reasons.)

kind of a macro eh? nice, go for it! (=

well, i’ve tried my hand at this, but this being my first ever Lua-scripting project and me being a damn perfectionist, it is pretty much over my head right now. i hope someone else who is more adapt at scripting will pick this up and make something masterful from it. there’s plenty of good programmers/scripters around here.

Anybody know what state Danoise’s Poor Man’s Clips project is in? I believe it seems quite similar to the ideas here and from the quality of his other scripts I wouldn’t be surrpised if a fair amount of the ground work is done. Can only find mention of it ever being a concept though…

I’m working on a keybind that will insert the previous note or effect(value) used. I think this will partly improve the workflow in the way you’re after. It’s made ‘intelligent’ meaning it repeats only the column you’re in, but if you’re in the notecolumn it repeats the last note with the effects in that line (haven’t decided if it should repeat all notecolumns on that line in that case). Note offs will be ignored, but it might be a good idea having them added as well. I’ll think about it and maybe make that optional.

Something better would probably imply clips.

It respects editstep and does its searches across patterns if none are found in the current one. I’m in the process of optimizing it and tidying up the code.

okay, thanks, that sounds pretty cool. let’s be clear: i am not specifically looking for a tool like this to use in my workflow. i just thought this was a great idea, and others might find use for it.
indeed, if you expand the idea you would get the PMclip idea from danoise which kazakore referenced above. i posted in that thread as well to link these two together, as they are essentially the same thing.