Idea: Complex Song Optimization

By default all (except “paranoia”) the check-boxes are on:

[v] Delete unused instruments
[v] Defrag empty instrument slots
[v] Delete empty tracks (including note-off filled only)
[v] Delete bypassed and never on DSP fx
[v] Delete unused patterns and sort seq
[v] Delete sample commands on VSTi tracks
[v] Hide unused columns
[v] Sort instruments (by note usage)
[v] Sort tracks (by matrix view)
[v] Rename “Track XY” to most used inst. name
[v] Minimize all DSP devices


[] Delete unused samples in instruments
[] Normalize and regain volume in samples
[] Remove loop tails in samples
[] Downmix all samples to mono (L+R)
[] Resample >16 bit samples to 16 bit
[] Downsample >44.1 to 44.1
[] Trim silence in samples
[] Flush all midi mapping
[] Empty instruments and samples names
[] Dial 911

[v] Show stats on finish

Is this an idea or announcement? I should learn to read thread titles properly!

Why is this under Paranoia?
“Delete unused samples in instruments”
It’s a good space saving function when uploading finished xrns. (Although obviously not so good for providing for remix or colab.)

Might find this useful when clearing entries for competitions but one extra function I would have in it is:
“Delete Song Comments”

Yeah, sometimes I see what I want to see :)

Yes, it’s good, but it destroys original fully sampled instruments for re-usage. For example, I upload a track where I use 808 drums kit. The guy who plays the track thinks - damn, the drum kit is great! But later he see - damn, the kit is not full! Killing unused samples is quite a lot of paranoia to me. If you don’t want to share instruments then you can easy enable it.

I thought about it too. But song comments is empty by default. So it’s not that useful.

Like I said it’s not something you’d always want but doesn’t quite see to fit with the other Paranoia entries. Maybe a Basic, Streamlined and Paranoid set…

True but I said why I would perosnally find it useful. Plus it is a place often used to leave yourself notes of what you were working on/thinking of changing you might not want to be public. Also Pattern Names could also possibly be deleted as an option. You give an option to delete sample/instrument names yet you think this is less vital?

Rename “Track XY” to most used inst. name
Empty instruments and samples names
Would obviously not be desired. Maybe a check box to rename as Tracks back to the default Track01/Track02/Send01 etc if you’re worried about these kind of things too…

Anyone up for making this? I am tempted.

I am cheerleading for you.

[v] Rename “Track XY” to most used inst. name –

I started writing a script for that some time ago, but it was quite inefficient and took too much time to complete on large songs. But that’s something that I’d use.

Lots of other cool ideas too(Y)