Idea: Custom shortcut buttons @top right next to snap buts

Maybe it would be nice, if you could define let’s say 10 custom buttons with custom labels, that are displayed next to the snapshot buttons on the top right, and which can be mapped to any kind of shortcut.

For example if I work on a crappy macbook pro without numeric keys, lot of my usual shortcuts are gone. Would love to have it as buttons then.

A tool gui is a floating window and gets on nerves then.

As labels maybe a selection of a wingdings symbol or something.

=> table of pre-defined racks
 top_bar, --row
 top_tab_bar, --row
 right_bar, --column, the one you can toggle
 bottom_bar --row, next to left bottom toggle buttons

 vb:button {
 text = "My Button!",
 notifier = function()
 -- open gui or do whatever