Idea: Dsp Chain Load Option / Replace Or Attache Dsp Chain

sometimes i would like to attach to the current dsp chain in track a saved DSP chain and sometimes i would simply replace the existing one.
i always have to go renoise options/files/ and switch the “replace existing chaine” option.

a tool which allows to select that behaviour by right clicking the device chain in load browser would be nice.

for example: in browser right click on a dsp chain would show two additional options:
attach DSP chain to track chain
replace DSP chain to track chain

It will come, eventually.

cool, thanks for responding, joule 8)

Right click -> Load File With option exists, you don’t have to manually go to Preferences.

Here you can select whether to replace or keep existing chain and whether to make the change the default or not.

With there only being two real load options it doesn’t seem it would clutter the context menu too much to have them available there…

oh, i didn’t have expected this function under this menu entry! thank you for the hint! it works good enough and do the job.
thank you kazakore!