Idea: Duplex Step Sequencer Sample Commands

i thought it would be interesting/useful if the duplex step sequencer could enter effect column commands. for example on the launchpad the volume slider would be only 7 buttons, with the top slider being mapped as a different, independent button but still part of the triggers for current line display. when this top button was pressed and held, the currently selected track’s note pattern is displayed in the 1st grid column. 2nd column is the effect command placement position. the 3rd and 4th columns select zz 01-0f effect. columns 5 and 6 select the x value. and columns 7 and 8 select the y value or add to the x value. but i think .effect_columns[].amount_string only support an xx format? i don’t really know what im talking about. i wouldn’t even know how to begin making this. awesome.