[idea] export unused samples/instr. to new songfile


often when digging for samples I end up with one big songfile containing a lot of samples. After some first tries, different ideas I’ll end up with the basis of a track only using a small amount of the total.

The rest of the unused samples don’t have to be crap necessarily, they just don’t fit in with the started idea.

I would love to have a tool which lets you export these unused samples / instruments to a new songfile. Automatically cutting away the fat from the initial idea.

A ‘delete used instruments’ keyboard shortcut would also do, only leaving the unused, enabling to save a song yourself. All the manual deleting is tedious. Does something like this already exist somewhere?

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My work-around for this was to write a program that examined an xrns file and wrote a file listing the samples used. It was fairly hacky because I needed to keep adding exception cases to avoid files filled with uninteresting things like all the samples for a stock piano.

I would then look to see which of my own samples were used, locate them on disk, and move them to a “used” folder.

Sounds like an offline solution, moving samples on the harddisk. Not what Im looking for here, perhaps when renoise songs arent selfcontained, but only reference places on the harddisk.

I have a tool installed named count occurances, made by Joule if i remember correctly, here you can work the magick of the tool and based upon the count, delete instruments manually for the purpose of the first post above. Perhaps a hack/option altering this tool is easily achieved, deleting all used sounds (everything > 0 = deletion).

Btw I see I have posted this thread in the wrong tools forum, admins feel free to move!

I can upload a ‘delete used instruments’ shortcut later today if you like.

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Boom! Yes please!

Here is a simple version.

It checks all patterns but only visible columns. Renoise removes any references to deleted instruments, so you will end up with pretty pattern data without notes. Let me know if you wanted it to work any other way.

joule.no0b.DeleteUsedInstruments.xrnx (1.2 KB)

(Instrument List context menu)


Awesome! Thanks, seems to work as expected! :clap:

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