Idea For Automation-device Assigning

Wanting to program the controls of a VSTi, audjoo Helix beta in this case, I add an Automation device to a track of my liking. The listboxes are cluttered with semi-intelligible controller names such as F0O, F0T, F0ST and so on. One of these parameters is linked to the filter cutoff, but which one?

So this is my idea: since the VSTi is launched in a window with a status bar, it would be really great if the status bar showed the ID of the control you’re currently mousing over. No bloat, just good solid info right there.

Extending this idea, a really nice feature would be if the Automation device came with a tick box. When the box is ticked, the device is in learn-mode and will assign the next twiddled VSTi control in a linear fashion.

Let’s say I tick the box and click the filter cutoff. Slot 0 of the Automation device is now linked to the filter cutoff. I click the resonance control, and slot 1 is assigned to it. I go on with this until I’m happy, then I untick the box.

big feckin’+ 1 :slight_smile:

why not just have an extra automation record button in the gui for recording all mousetwiddling automation automatically? :slight_smile: Twist a knob/slider/whatever in your vst(i) and renoise takes care of the rest, automatically draws the parameter changes in an automation envelope.

Thats what I first expected when playing with Renoise and pressing the record button, only to be disappointed that you have to add an automation device where you have to find your desired parameters in.