Idea For Chord 2

What about a chord mode for keyboard?
Like if you press q it would write c-4 d#4 g-4
As minor chord and shift +q (Q) would write major c chord c-4 e-4 g-4


and then cmd + q for dim chords, alt + q for aug chords, shift + cmd + q for sus2, shift + alt + q for sus4, and…

simple :)

your idea is good

maybe there could also be 3 inversion modes?
mode 1: q => c e g
mode 2: q => e g c
mode 3: q => g c e

and maybe another mode that does ‘key => inversion’
q => c e g
e => e g c
t => g c e

its a scriptable?

Just recently someone built a chord mode into the scalefinder, where you can play chords using a single key-press live.

ScaleFinderOSC (0.1alpha)
… has custom keybindings for most stuff, including inversions.
(if you have suggestions for a better key-orientated workflow, let me know!)

I like this tool very much.
But is there also a way to put a chord under one key?
For example I use 3 chords in a song.

I would like to be able to put those chords under one key (i cant play very wel and am too lazy).
It would be nice to manualy type the specific chord in. And then when holding shift w i get the Dmin chord. shift+6=G#maj. shift7=A#dim.

Would more people find this usefull?