Idea for emulating Linndrum Hi hat effect / 'Randomizing/Humanizin

Since 7 years I’m doing workarounds over workarounds to somehow - and at the cost of a lot of work again and again and again - achieve most simple things, that are - if even - handled wrong in Renoise. So, wouldn’t it make more sense to finally fix this? When I used Renoise as my all-day-standard-DAW, I got upset and angry on a regular basis, because the most simple features didn’t work or exist. And now, that I work again on a track I try to keep native Renoise, I get upset about all the same old things again, because they’re still all the same.

Next version is probably gonna have features like a talking interface, VR support and brain-to-track I/O. But I take any bet, it’s not gonna have the feature of a properly working retriggered instrument envelope.

@TheBellows: Thanks, I appreciate your support. :slight_smile: I was going to use this on a tonal instrument, to fake a free running OSC waveform (another missing feature). Already used the Sxx within the pattern to fake the running OSC. But it just sounds different. You can hear it’s not playing continuously.

More sampling/samples is not an option. I’m trying to keep it as tiny as possible, memorywise. Otherwise I could have simply rendered the entire bassline. Anyway, thanks again. :wink: