Idea for Renoise Logo

I read somewhere they were thinking of changing it if thats true or not i dont know, but i thought something like this might work. I find that the current R Badge looses a little bit of definition at smaller scales due to it being angled and the R smaller on the logo. Using a simple Square would enable the R to be clearer at smaller resolutions IE icons Thumbnails etc.

I wasnt sure of the Font so i guessed.

Ready for iOS7 :P

Missing the hidden meaning of the current logo. (the down arrow formed in the bottom corner.)

That´s a thing?

Uh, uh! Can I play too? I suggest these might attract a younger, more hip userbase.


You just don’t understand #fashion.

Geez, don’t u guis have tumblr or anything?

New intro screen:

Plus one button here ↴

It should be renoisy, obviously. The -sys is the new new. Only other path would be the Rinterest but that’s a shaky gamble. The least that could be done right now in my eyes is a edit on Wikipedia claiming that the official pronunciation is the french one, like ruh-nwah-zh’ (IPA: /ʁɛnwɑz/).