Idea For The Sample Rate

Is it possible to increase the frequency of more than 96 kHz for rendering?
For example: up to 192 kHz.

Is it possible to extend the equalizer 10 and 5-Way?
21 kHz is not enough to operate on the track.

Thank you.
Good luck in the future!

The upper threshold of human hearing is about 20kHz under perfect conditions for a person (typically a very young person) with perfect hearing. This threshold only gets worse with age and hearing abuse (ie. dancing too close to those loud speakers at the club).

Just curious: Exactly what are you trying to achieve with the EQs? Why do you need to adjust frequencies above 20kHz in the first place?

This is a personal authorial trick.
When writing musical compositions.

A material part I know. And I know about the hearing threshold.

Still, sometimes you want to either increase or decrease the frequency being higher than 20 kHz.



Then I do not understand the meaning of 96 kHz rendering, if I can not adjust the frequencies above 20 kHz.

96kHz rendering has to do with oversampling, which basically renders the audible range with a better resolution. This has to do with the fundamental math behind signal processing. EQs on the other side adjust audible frequencies, and those don’t go beyond the audible limit. Why would you want to suppress or boost frequencies you can’t even hear?

I can back up this sort of EQ use as I’ve used it in professional contexts and I’ve read of other engineers doing the same.

It’s all to do with subtle curves. Say you have a LP24 and a set freq of 24khz, the adjustable Q of that curve can have implications for the frequencies that are audile in the upper highs, say above 13khz. Certain subtle curves give certain desirable results.

The higher your sample rate the less data-truncation you have as you guy up through the frequency spectrum. Higher rates also mean more realism in in the lower sounds.

until you said that I thought you were scoring music for dogs or something.

Well… Dogs deserve music too. :)

Why not add 192kHz. it’s the standard in a lot of other software.