Idea: Frozen Tracks

Bouncer/freezer tool.

It would be very neat with a tool that records the current track to a sample and automatically enters a note at the start of the pattern. I think this is technically possible with the current API?

Its features could be:

  • Tick for either deleting original note data, or maintaining it in muted (sub)track.
  • Options “Freeze to same track” or “freeze to new track”
  • Options “Freeze this pattern” or “Freeze from this pattern to all patterns as long as they have note data”
  • Automatically sets the rendered sample to autoseek on, of course.
  • Freeze dry or freeze wet (pre/post?)

This would make the workflow a lot better when working with hardware synths via midi -> line in, when you normally want to freeze tracks to be able to use the next patch on the synth.

Anyone up for this? :)

Maybe i am using the wrong term. Should it be “bounce” instead of “freeze”?

I think of bounce as recording external synths. And freeze as recording vsti’s to save cpu. I guess you could have one tool for both purposes, but if you freeze you may want to use offline rendering so you dont have to wait so long. I can definitely see the advantage of a tool that records and inserts one or more tracks automatically. Maybe something for you to code ;)