Idea: Goto Prev/next Marker

The idea of this Tool would be to speed up the adjustment of slices after running the Auto-Slice option.

Very simply it would move the cursor and view to the next or previous slice marker while keep the zoom level the same.

I believe the API allows you to read the value of the Markers, so entering them into a table/array and reading off the value of prev/next shouldn’t present a problem.

I believe you also have access to position the cursor in the sample editor. I don’t know what happens if the new position is out of view. Hopefully it centres the view on the new position and makes the job even easier

Hopefully keyboard shortcuts will appear native in a upcoming version and if I’m honest was actually quite surprised not to find them when I looked in the Preferences.

Currently I have changed the keyboard shortcuts for navigation within the Sample Editor (move left/right, big move left/right & zoom in/out) and go through it by hand but this really is not much quicker than doing so from the waveform without running the automatic slice first anyway.

Am I the only person who thinks this would be useful? Maybe I should just suggest it the normal way as have to say I was very surprised not to find these shortcuts listed in the first place.

Just seen the bits in the API I would need for this so going to copy them into this thread for easy finding in case I ever have the time to come back to this (and these don’t get made native.)

– Read/write access to the slice marker list of a sample. When new markers are
– set or existing ones unset, existing 0S effects or notes to existing slices
– will NOT be remapped (unlike its done with the insert/remove/move_slice_marker
– functions). See function insert_slice_marker for info about marker limitations
– and preconditions.[].samples[].slice_markers, _observable
-> [table of numbers - sample positions]

– The first sample displayed in the sample editor view. Set together with
– DisplayLength to control zooming.[].samples[].sample_buffer.display_start, _observable
-> [number >= 1 <= number_of_frames]

– The number of samples displayed in the sample editor view. Set together with
– DisplayStart to control zooming.[].samples[].sample_buffer.display_length, _observable
-> [number >= 1 <= number_of_frames]


This one could be handy for samples with lots of slices/markers, but I rather have a tighter transient detection algorithm so this wouldn’t be necessary in the first place! (Realtime marker position adjustment while changing the sensitivity percentage would already be a welcome improvement).