Idea: Internet Based Common Instrument Pool

Simple idea really, and something that is definately possible with a bit of work: Search for and load Renoise instruments (XRNI) straight into Renoise.

Tools required:

  • Renoise Lua HTTP library - can be downloaded here
  • A server to host the XRNI - maybe incorporate into loopproject site or possibly another subdomain of Renoise (
  • A simple API on the server side to accept search terms and return a list of matches
  • Some scripting prowess

I think a common shared instrument pool would be a great benefit to all users. Anyone could simple search for a ‘dubstep bass’ and have access to wobbles contributed from various users*.

Possibly the tool could ultimately allow uploading from Renoise, but a simple search and retrieve built into Renoise could be a rather unique advantage. When uploading, each contributor would aknowledge that the instrument would be placed into the public domain.


  • Other sounds may be available.

could be useful

I like this idea

really nice idea, would definitely use this.
the last year or so i’ve seen quite a bunch of XRNI’s come by, at least enough that we had a short organizational discussion resulting in (some people at least) marking the titles of their XRNI-posts with [XRNI]. this is a useful thing for the forums, but the thing you’re proposing here would be even better.

uploading as well as downloading through Renoise would be really cool. you build an XRNI and upload it immediately? instant win.

oh boi that’d be awesome

word B)

Something like this would be absolutely fantastic!