Idea: Mark the Group different of the Track in Matrix Editor

I use a lot the Matrix Editor.I’m watching it would be great that for identify the group by each pattern may be another slightly different symbol to rectangular for clearly differentiate from each track.

Currently, the track and the group are identified by the same rectangle. Some examples:

  1. Three pixels on a side:

6779 01-group-matrix-editor.png

  1. Lower cut:

6780 02-group-matrix-editor.png

  1. Frames:

6781 03-group-matrix-editor.png

  1. Chain tied:

6782 04-group-matrix-editor.png

  1. Other possibilities…

Any visual aid would be rewarding.

Following this idea…

  1. Would also be possible the Collapsing Groups in Matrix Editor (with a command of keyboard or a icon).

In many cases, the boxes are empty groups. And when the zoom is very large, they take up much space. The groups do not contain notes, and information is little noticeable when there are effects.