Idea: Merge Tools..

just a brainwave… i have a bunch of fav tools… now let’s say i would like to have those tools in one big gui/window… that would be awesome? i think so. :D

so, since i’m no coder i have no idea how to do this… but what if there was a tool that could merge other tools? good idea? possible at all?


no interest ? thought it was something worth exploring… guess i was wrrrroong. ^_^

i dont think its a bad idea,just for me personally i dont really know which tools i would want to be merged into a big GUI,because the tools i use do their own thing

well yes, the tools will still each do it’s own thing… the idea is to have your most frequent used tools all in one place… perhaps it could even have it’s own gui tab.

so basically the only thing that would merge are the gui’s of the tools.

By all means, please explore the idea! Gotta start learning Lua somewhere.

Or did you mean “Can’t someone else do it?”

yes, ‘since i’m no coder’ that was the part where i said that.

i would love to do/learn it myself but i just don’t have the skills atm. you know what… why not make the tools page a ‘renoise app store’ so we can just pay for the work. fine with me. ;]

well, the idea is nice but, from a coder point of view, this is hardly feasible in my opinion.