[idea] Move song up or down X amount of pattern lines


Reworking .mid files in Renoise I have come across a problem where songs don’t start at line 0 in the pattern editor, but for example at line 16. The songs are divided up in 64 length patterns, but where you’d expect a chorus or verse to begin on pattern start, you have 16 lines of the last section. It’s workable, but a lill irritating :slight_smile: .

I’m looking for a tool, sort a like rotate pattern tool (<- which can cycle a patterns worth of information ( https://www.renoise.com/tools/rotate-pattern )), but now for a songs worth of content! Enabling to shift backwards (or forwards) everything X amount of steps, making it easier to arrange.

Right now manually using the rotate pattern tool on every pattern takes a lot of time, plus you have to manually cut the missing lines from the next pattern back into the previous.

Can above tool be hacked to widen the scope? I understand processing a lot of data will take long for any tool. I have patience :sunglasses: .



In the advanced editor, you can use the nudge feature with the range set to “whole song”.


Boom! Never thought of that, excellent!

Me neither, actually :smiley:

quick test, getting weird results where after shifting content seems lost, perhaps am doing it wrong, will investigate further.

Oh dang. It doesn’t work over pattern boundaries. Only per pattern, which doesn’t make much sense.

edit: of course you can join/split patterns for doing this, but there is the 512 line limitation which might be a hindrance.

Oh snap that is the best!

I often will improvise over the length of several patterns, but for all sorts of reasons my phrases and melodies and whatnot do not always start at the top of a pattern, and often spill over into the next pattern. I would then resort to a lot of cut-n-paste.

I like the rotate approach better.

indeed, doesn’t work as expected :frowning: . The join / splitting alternative isn’t really a workable option for the amount of patterns and songs. I guess I’ll have to simply live with shifted songs until a tool pops up or song-wide nudge function gets ‘fixed’.

This is not fixed due conceptual indecision. What happens, if a pattern is repeated? Personally, I would then create a new copy first and then go on with moving. But it seems to me that Taktik never decided here.

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Indeed. If a pattern is reused at different places in a sequence. What will be put on top of it, when nudging the song downwards? And will a pattern used consecutively in the sequence, be nudged twice?

Tool could put up a warning… “Song sequence is not linear, proceed?”.

The most cumbersome thing about making a tool it is to re-implement the destructive ‘voice’ handling of the native nudge feature. Just having it nudge full lines is 10x simpler.