Idea: Multiple Automation Viewer

Hi all

i’m not yet familiar with LUA script but maybe this idea is useful for a lot of people

Do you think is possible to create a tool that shows multiple automations of a track at the same time?

I think of it like a pop-up (that can also cover the entire screen by height) with automations lines represented in a “generic” way. It doesn’t have to be precise, it just gives an overview
If you want to modify one automation line, just click on the tool’s Gui to select the automation and use the current automation editor as we normally do

So the tool just Shows an overview of the automations you want and let you select the automation by clickin on the tool’s GUI

Let me know what you think

You can make one that shows you the parameters, but dynamic graphical representation is quite a different story here.
You can work with images, but this would look like shit if you have to patch several image areas with pieces of curve pieces to paste next to eachother.

I don’t think this can really be done with just the API. What you would need is to write the GUI and have it display the graphics together (side-by-side/overlaid) and then allow you to move points and modify it. It would have to translate read and write the xml points used within the Renoise Song Data between the open instance of Renoise and whatever you use for the graphical display. This could maybe be done with C/C++ assuming the LUA Sockets to do so have been left intact but as many people will tell you graphical and user interfacing are often some of the hardest parts in any program…

Although I might very well be incorrect and confused.

or some sort of dump of values represented graphically… some sort of screenshot of the automation lines

something that is not dynamic but get updated with a “dump” of values

edit: i didn’t read your post in time Kazakore… well i see a lot of difficulties here