Idea: Note Event Merger

I need a tool, don’t think it already exists, that can transform any track containing note input on multiple columns (melodic tracks containing synth riffage & chords for example) into one column track. It should collect all the notes in a track, placing the events at the same rows but now in one column after the tool is run.

Sooo, this:


first column is boss in case of overlappage

Ideally, if possible, I’d like to be able to set up a few rules for notes that occupy the same row;

  1. be able to set which column has the upper-hand, after processing note-events from this particular column will get chosen.
  2. do more quirky things, like whenever there are notes occupying the same row, after ‘compression’ these rows will be filled with a note-off, use the overlapping state as some kind of condition to set up a wanted replacement.


For sake of variation, which is essential in composing pieces :wink:
To gate, cut off previously overlapping melodies, or beats divided over columns.
For personal reasons B) .

(Being able to ‘compress’ events from multiple tracks into one track would be cool too, but maybe to difficult?)

coool idea