Idea: Note Painting Tool

I have an idea for a scripting masters, maybe someone will be intresting to do this.
Idea is simple, maybe u know “note painting tool” in Fruty Loops.
Its similar, u can choose a note and then just draw it in pattern editor with left click.
Should be usefull for quick creating beats.

you mean like that expandable little keyboard in Fruity, where clicking the keys, inputs an event in the stepsequencer?

I meant option just to put choosen note with left mouse click and erase it with right mouse click. Nothing else :)

How would this help workflow in a tracker though? Would it paint just a general volume with each note “pain”… Because that would just create a nucence no? A note gets created with a sample volume in the pattern sequencer of 100% or 7F but say you want to change it… then it’s just the same thing no? Can you please elaborate on how you think this would be a good idea in your mind so that I may undestand? Thanks =D


As I understand him, he need a bit more easy and lazy way to make sketches of beats, like step sequencer, but in natural renoise enviroment.
Idea can be tweaked i guess, like: shortcuts for notes and velocities.
U pressed “q”(c-4) and “8” and then click, click, and u got a bass drum skeleton, then press “w”(d-4) and “6” and click, click, pres “3” then click, and u got a simple rythm structure.
(I mean if u have a drumkit: C-4 is for Kick, and D-4 for snare, for example)

Yes i`m lazy mouse clicker :)

Mouse clicking now puts focus in the pattern editor and selects tracks, a modifier key would be needed for this.

intresting idea