Idea: Oversampling just for selected instruments / plugins / tracks


maybe you realized that some VSTis are sounding nice, but sometimes have a problem regarding high frequency artifacts and aliasing.

In this case, it would be awesome, if you could set the sample rate to a multiplication factor for that specific plugin or even track. So like “samplerate x2, x4, x6” etc… So internally, Renoise would process that plugin at the selected multiplicated samplerate and downsample to playback sample rate on-the-fly, of course with high quality resampling.

What do you think, is this technically possible?

Personally I find selecting a overall samplerate to 96kHz or higher mostly beyond necessary. But for some instruments, let’s say a 80s phase distortion synth, or older ni stuff, it would be quite interesting.


This was just recently implemented into reaper! There you can now set a multiple sample rate per vsti and effect plugin.