Idea: Paulstretch in Renoise?

I’ve always used Paulstretch in it’s own standalone program which I find pretty cumbersome but today I discovered you can also run it inside Audacity as an effect! And it feels much more useful when integrated inside an audio editor even though I find Audacity to be pretty clumsy too…

So I was wondering if it would be possible to have Paulstretch as a tool in the sample editor? That would be so good!

I also know that Skolskoly made something like this by tweaking the Rubberband tool but I’m not sure how to use that one really.

Yes please!

+1 for long ass paul stretches, bonus points for taking any automation editor values/curves for variable stretches :drummer:

…still dreaming about a native solution where you can drag select a note-event with the mouse to stretch a sample in the pattern editor, automatically create a new instrument & have delay column values update in realtime according to how far the selection is drawn over a line :yeah:, I’ll keep on dreaming, tool solutions will do for the moment B) .

the more timestretch algos the better :slight_smile: