Idea: Play Song From Current Cursor Position

Hey Guys,

maybe I can request a small feature which imho should have been essential since the beginning of renoise… The so called “Play Song/Pattern from current cursor position”-shortcut feature :)

Impulse Tracker had this feature on the F7 key, which played the song in it’s right order from the current cursor position.
But this was mainly used to have a way to quickly review the pattern changes made right before. you know, change some notes, move a few rows upwards, hit F7, listen… change something again and listen with F7 again… do loop.

I really miss this feature in renoise since ages…

the workarounds aren’t very comfortable…
think of block listening, pressing enter key and listen to the song with cursor repeat rate speed (oh dear!), or hitting space (play) and always skip to the nearest locations with F8-F12 (my fav workaround right now… but hell it sucks compared to Impulse Trackers F7! ;) )

now in the age of renoise lua scripting, is there a way to make a tool like this? looking at the code gurus around =)

There is already a shortcut :)

On Windows it is the Menu key which is left of the right hand side CTLR key.

Go into Preferences > Keys and search for play

You’ll find several assignable shortcuts there, including Play From Cursor, which I believe does exactly what you need:

I don’t recall if it’s mapped to anything by default, but you can see here that I have mine mapped to the Applications key, which is this one:

And as cytone just pointed out, there are also shortcuts to play the pattern/song from the current line rather than the cursor position. Which one you use here kinda depends on your own preferences, and whether you have the playing position separated from the cursor position as I do.

I take my hat off to you!

i didn’t even know I could map those keys! I took a look at the keyboard-shortcut reference and didn’t find any shorcuts for it. therefor i concluded there is no way to do so yet. I’m sorry my mistake! Thanks for clearing up things!